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23-03-09, 19:17
Hello everyone!

I am looking for the adult communion record for the family of Georg Fredrik Rübmann and Anna Johanna Susanna Rübmann (Conrad). They immigrated from Germany to Helsinki to raise a family (7 kids, of which I have the birth records), and then emmigrated back to Germany to die. I can confirm they were living in the "Helsingin saksalainen srk" (german ark...does that mean German church, parish, or what?) of Helsinki between 1860 and 1869.

I cannot seem to find Lastenkirjat records for the Helsinki German (area/parish). I tried familysearch.org and found the "Helsingin saksalainen seurakunta", but it only has birth/marriage/death records. No communion records or moving records to figure out WHERE they came and went. The birth records of their children do not list the mother or father's age or birthplace or anything, other than that he was a Piano/Musical Instrument maker.

I have been on the FFHA/SSHY site, looking at Helsinki's Lastenkirja records...but I dont even know if they would be on there. Am I wasting my time going through line by line, because Helsinki's normal Finnish Church is different from the German's church? (So they wouldn't be recorded there.)Eh...im just really confused here *sigh*.

Anyway, thanks for any help you can give. For a HisKi sample of my grt grt grandma's birth record, check-

Anyway, thanks everyone!

01-04-09, 20:57
This is the site of the German church:


Maybe you could ask from there.


04-04-09, 19:59
Thank you very much! I would have never found that site by myself. I am going to email them about where their records are located, or if they still exist at all (besides the small amount on familysearch.org.

Thanks again for the link!