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25-03-09, 00:15
At last I found my grandfather's mother's brother. He was said in the parishbook for 1900-1910 to be missing for several years. His name was Thure Leonard and took as his last name one of the names of his father i.e. Karl.
Thure Leonard was born in Mörskom/Myrskylä in Finland 30.6.1880. He is recorded in passengerlists on Ellis Island records as arriving 3.7.1903 (at the age of 23 years, which is in accordance with his birthdate) in New York. In this record he is said to be destined for "Oscama" in "S.D." "S.D." is surely South Dakota, isn't it?! But "Oscama"???. His uncle Anders Carlsson had paid his trip and this uncle is said to be living in the aforementioned "Oscama" in "S.D.".
What did happen to this Thure Leonard after Ellis Island?

25-03-09, 13:53


"Three groups of immigrants--Germans, Scandinavians, and Czechs--retain their traditional customs and cookery in their home life. Several colonies of Hutterites prosper in the eastern part of the state."

Karen Norwillo
26-03-09, 00:57
The name of the place in SD is Oacoma. It is in Lyman county, South Dakota. I did not see Thure or Anders Carlson there as yet.

26-03-09, 21:38
Thank you very much for the location. Sadly my own computer has collapsed, but I try to follow the discussion elsewhere.