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Karen Norwillo
26-03-09, 16:33
I am fleshing out my family tree. From new data on Hiski for Vörĺ, I found two possible births for this person. 13 Sep 1777 Lomby Knuts to Matts Hendrichsson and Carin Mattsdotter..Lisa. The other is 10 Apr 1780 Rökio to Matts Rönqvist and Marg. Jacobsdotter..Lisa. From Lisa's 21 Dec 1801 marriage Bergby Kerp Jacob Andersson and Lisa Mattsdotter Lomby Knus. Can anyone tell me if either of these two births is the correct Lisa?

Karen Norwillo
26-03-09, 16:42
Another question, same family. Jacob Andersson Kjerp/Kerp was born in 1782 to Anders Jacobsson and Anna Johansdotter in Bergby, Vörĺ. I found a death for someone of his name 25 Apr 1810 Bergby Kerp Jacob Andersson 26 years 10 months. If this is he, shouldn't he be abt 28? The last child I have for Jacob and Lisa was born 16 Sep 1810, which means his father had died a few months earlier. If this is the correct death record. I also found a remarriage for a Lisa Mattsdotter, widow from Bergby Kerp to a Mĺrten Eriksson of Lomby Budd on 24 Dec 1815. Maybe two different people or maybe the same??

Karen Douglas
26-03-09, 20:33
Hi Karen,

Your posting caught my eye because of Vörĺ and the surname Kjerp. About 5-7 years ago, an elderly gentleman named Rolf Rönnqvist (of Vöra) sent me a copy of a photograph of an Erik Kjerp and his "Dancing Automobile." Rolf said Erik was an inventor. The photo was allegedly taken in Pontiac, Michigan and appeared in an automotive magazine. I talked to automotive historians, visited automotive museums, and queried on Finlander, but could find no additional information on Mr. Kjerp and his automobile. I finally sent all the information to the Swedish-Finn Historical Society. Anyway, thought I'd mention it, in case he might be related to you! Karen Douglas

Karen Norwillo
26-03-09, 20:58
Thanks, Karen. I have a copy of that photo. I think June sent it to me years ago.
For those of you who don't check Hiski from time to time, I did find alot of updates posted since I had searched last in Vörĺ. There's still some missing items, but I did find some new info.