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28-03-09, 15:20
Can anybody help me with any information on Carl Theodor Carlsson.
What I want to know is what happened in California before he died, when did he arrive, when and whom did he marry, were there any children, I do not know.
He died in the German Hospital as a widower. He is born i Lovisa Finland sept. 18 1840 and was a sailor. Apparently he was married in California. He was a resident of San Francisco in 1888 when his father died.
Hoping he has left some traces
grateful for any help
Sten-Hermann Schmidt

Karen Norwillo
28-03-09, 16:16
I found a Naturalization for a Carl Theodor Carlson in Los Angeles in 1890, but it says he's from Sweden. I also found a Carl Carlson, sailor, in the 1900 Census in San Francisco, but the age was way off. He was born in Finland, but was too young to be born in 1840. FYI, the German Hospital in San Francisco changed it's name in WWI to Davies Medical center and is now part of CPMC.

29-03-09, 17:56
Thank you very much Karen,
it is the first time I get an positive answer on my grandmas uncles life in America. I think it is no problem they write from Sweden, since he definitely was swedish speaking. I am so happy and grateful for your rapid answer.
He was definitely living in San Fancisco in 1888 and as I understand naturalisation requires having spent some time in the country? I really hope there will be some source for more facts about him, as I now know he must have been married and also was widowed.

Karen Norwillo
29-03-09, 20:30
You can probably obtain a copy of Carl's Naturalization application, Declaration of Intent from the state. That would tell you when he came to the US and if he was married at the time of his application. My maternal grandfather's gave a wealth of information, but each state and time is different. They didn't all use the same forms and some tell very little. My father's father gave very little.

Karen Norwillo
29-03-09, 21:27
The National Archives Pacific Southwest located in Laguna, CA should have the holdings for the Naturalization records you need. Their email is laguna.archives*nara.gov. Price for a copy is abt 10.00 USD. Here is the info that is found on Ancestry as far as identifying the record you seek.
Los Angeles Superior Court Naturalizations 1888-1892, Roll 02 Volume 16-19, Archives series M1614, record #428.
If you email them, they should tell you if they have that record in their holdings and exactly how to obtain and cost.

07-04-09, 16:10
How did you find the Cerificate. Are such documents to be found on some website?

Karen Norwillo
07-04-09, 19:33
The certificate was found on Ancestry.com I typed in Carl's name and what dates I had and it came up. I gave you the information of where it's found. When I checked NARA, it indicated that the archives in Laguna should have the rolls, but I guess that wasn't the case. You can try San Bruno as they suggested.

Karen Norwillo
07-04-09, 22:04
I checked NARA again and it says M1614 is held by the Laguna Archives. I also see that the National Archives in Washington DC has this roll. I went to the NARA site and checked under Naturalizations. There is an order form to request a copy of the record. Under the search box I entered M1614 and it shows available at Laguna and Washington. I have orderd things from NARA and it took quite awhile to get, but I did get it. You might try their email first. That's what I did and they did answer me.

08-04-09, 11:44
Thank you so very much again. Ancestry seems to be helpful, but expensible for only one ore two emigrants I have found yet in my ancestry.