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June Pelo
29-03-09, 20:49
I have received this request from someone in Finland who was given my name and told I might be able to help. He would like to know what happened to these people, and if there are living people he can contact:

1st Tekla Liisa, Matts´s dr. Löfbacka, bo 3-21-1880 in Kaustinen, in Kaustinen, a cramp, 0-0-16, buried 4-11-1880 in Kaustinen,

2nd Mary? Geddale (“Maija” Maria Paulina, Matts´s dr. Geddala),born 5-31-1883 in Oregon, U. S. A, dead 8-26-1951 in U. S. A., married Hagström,

3rd Lizzie Geddale (Katariina Elisabet, Matts´dr dr. Geddala) born 1-6-1886 in Oregon, U. S. A. dead 9-16-1958 in U. S. A. married John V. Mäkinen,

4th Annie Geddale (Anna Julia, Matts´s dr. Geddala) born 7-7-1888 in Oregon, U.S. A., dead 12-16-1956 in U. S. A., married Emil Holtzheuer,

5th Huldah Geddale (Hulda Geddala) born 4- -1892 in Michigan, U. S. A.

6th Ellen J. Geddale, (Geddala) born 7- -1894 Michigan U. S. A. married 8-3-1913 East Tawas, losco, Michigan, William J Gurley, born 1889 in Michigan, U. S. A.

7th Seegne Geddale (Signe Geddala) born 8- -1896 in Michigan, U. S. A.

#2, married to Anders Herman Mattsson Hagstrom, b 23 Dec 1874, Karleby, d. 1965 in East Tawas, MI. according to a note about him. Perhaps some of the others were in E. Tawas, too? I noticed in my file that Matts Hagstrom had a sister Maria who married in E. Tawas in 1897, and his brother Matts died there in 1951. He also had a sister Selma living there. Don't know if they had any descendants still living there. I noticed that the Geddala father used the name Löfbacka in Finland.

I'm not sure if I deciphered his writing correctly - but it looks like the Geddala parents of the above children came to the US in 1881 and later moved to Oregon? Their mother Maria died 28 Dec 1929 somewhere in the US.

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 00:34
I sent a bunch of info to June's email because, after typing in abt 10 min of info, when I hit send, it told me I wasn't logged in. I was. I found census records, birth and marriage records for several of the daughters. I'll retry here later. Is there a time limit on how long it takes to post an answer?

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 02:04
Will try again

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 02:18
Found Mary 's marriage to Harry Hagstrom under Mary P Gedda. Parents match. In some census she went by Pauline. One child, Catherine or Katherine Edith White 5 Sep 1901 MI and died 5 Oct 1988 in San Diego county, CA. MMN Geddale.
Curtis Ulman was born in Ontario, Canada. In 1910, he is married with 3 children. Something must have happened to family between 1910 and when he married Annie in 1914. In 1920, the youngest of his children, Blanche, was living in E Tawas with her grandparents Goodrow.
Annie was married 3x, a Hauranen ?sp, Curtis Ulman in 1914 and Emil Holzheurer in 1919.
I couldn't read the name of Signe (Seegne, Sadie) husband. LDS has it as Alred Tarkett, but it doesn't look like that on the image. I couldn't find any matching info.
Hulda married a Nelson A Johnson in 1913.
Katarina Elisabet married in 1905 to Victor John Makinen
Ellen J married William Gurley in 1913.

June Pelo
30-03-09, 02:21
Thank you, Karen, for all you've done today. It's time to take a break. I, too, had a problem trying to reply to you - it told me I wasn't logged in so I shut down and started all over again.

30-03-09, 06:36
I sent a bunch of info to June's email because, after typing in abt 10 min of info, when I hit send, it told me I wasn't logged in. I was. I found census records, birth and marriage records for several of the daughters. I'll retry here later. Is there a time limit on how long it takes to post an answer?


Yes - there is a time limit if you have logged in without checking the "Remember me" box. Thus if you have checked the box you shouldn't notice any time limit at all.

On Sunday afternoon Finnish time the server however was started once in the middle of everything. This can have affected persons that had logged in before the restart.


Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 15:48
Thanks for that tip. I didn't know that.
I found more on the families, but am having a time with Signe or Seegne or Sadie and her husband. On Ancestry, I found a Family Tree which suggests the name of the husband might be Tarrant. Can't find anything for them other than their MI marraige 2 Jun 1916 in East Tawas. They seem to disappear.
To make things abit clearer, I have made family lists of those found.
Makinen children
Esther Mary 22 Mar 1906-29 Mar 1925
John Emil 1 Jan 1908, married Aini Pasanen
Benjamin Victor 17 Apr 1910
Katherine Elizabeth or Betty abt 1913
Oliver W 26 Sep 1915-10 Feb 1921
Everett Mathias 1917
Vera P abt 1919
Vera Siri 14 Aug 1919-28 Feb 1921, must be the same as above
Ruth Paulina 25 Aug 1923-27 Apr 1997 Grand Rapids, Kent, MI married a Richard Nies
Phillip A abt 1928

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 15:52
Here are the Gurley children as found
Alfred M Gurley 9 May 1914-4 Jul 2001 Birmingham. Oakland, MI
Fay L abt 1917
Kermit A Apr 1918
Ellen J abt 1927
William Gurley's parents were Barnabas and Jemima Gurley from Canada.

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 17:21
Here's the birth and marriage record for Signe or Sadie or Seagne Geddale. The date on the marriage should be 23 Jun 1916, not 2 Jun as I said previously. It also shows she was born July 7, 1896 not August. Maybe someone can make out the groom's name. It looks like the witnesses were Frank and Florence whatever the surname is. Too bad the person didn't have the same beautiful handwriting as found at the top of the page in the first entries. Those F's in the first names of the witnesses look like the first letter of the surname. Wonder if it's Fernette??

June Pelo
30-03-09, 17:31
Thank you, Karen. I'm trying to keep up with all the flow of information. :)

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 17:39
Paydirt!! Seegne Fernette SSDI says Aug 7, 1896, her MI birth says July-died Nov 1968 in Corunna, Shiawassee, MI. Alfred Fernette 22 May 1886-May 1969 same place. There were Fernettes in Tawas. Family originally from Canada.

June Pelo
30-03-09, 17:43
Atrocious writing - looks like they used a stove poker. That could be an L or a K or an F - who knows!

June Pelo
30-03-09, 17:50
Although her name was Signe, it sounded like Seegne to the record taker, so they wrote it that way. I had a relative named Ida and it sounded like Eeda.

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 17:51
It's Fernette. I found the family in 1930 in Corunna. Big family, including twins. Also found his Draft Card. Was in E Tawas in 1918. Children
Thomas abt 1919, Arthur 1920, Lawrence 1922, Catherine 1923, Marguerite 1925, Oliver 1927 and Ruth and Dorothy 1929. Yea! Boys to track. Much easier.

June Pelo
30-03-09, 18:02
Evidently there was an obit for Mary Geddala, the mother of the Geddala children. Voitto translated this from some paper he has. It states she died in 1929 somewhere in the US. Her youngest children were born in Tawas, so maybe she died there. Perhaps Maria and husband Matts first settled in Oregon where the first 3 children were born, and then they must have moved to Tawas where the rest of the children were born. It's not known where he husband Matts Leander died but it is thought he died in 1947:

Mary Geddale (=Maria Anders´s dr. Geddala,Löfbacka, Geddala, housewife), born in 4-16-1854 Kaustinen, de 12-28-1929 U. S. A., with deep regret 5 daughters, 5 sons-in-laws, 25 grandchildren, 1 great grandschild, brother Johan and sister Anna in Finland, ma 5-6-1877 in Kaustinen, Utan skrud, (Gustaf Forsman), Am. 1881 East Tawas, a year after moved to Oregon, where 9 years. They visited in Finland.

June Pelo
30-03-09, 18:18
If Alfred Fernette was in Tawas in 1918, perhaps his children were born there?

Karen Norwillo
30-03-09, 22:16
It's possible, at least some of them.
Thomas G Fernette 8 Feb 1918-11 Jul 1988 in Corunna
Arthur Francis Fernette 8 Feb 1920-9 Jan 2001 Flushing, Genesse, MI
Oliver E Fernette 19 Jul 1926-27 Aug 1985 Lansing, Ingham, MI res. Owosso
Catherine Fernette Reich 19 Jan 1923-23 Dec 1987 Owosso, Shiawassee, MI
married to Ervin Frank Reich 27 Oct 1922-7 May 1997. There are 5 living children, no names.
I didn't find anything on the rest of the children, so they may all be still living.

Karen Norwillo
31-03-09, 18:00
I found Matt Geddale in the 1930 census in Tawas. He is alone. He is #59 on the page.

June Pelo
31-03-09, 20:47
Thanks, Karen. What a joy to see legible handwriting on that census.

Karen Norwillo
31-03-09, 21:00
You got that right. I confirmed the dates on those marriages that occured in Iosco county. Only Anna's second marriage is on the list, the one to Curtis Ulman. I couldn't find the first one to Hannenan, their spelling. She was listed as Mrs. Anna Hannenan in the 2nd.
I also sent a request to RAOGK in Iosco for the deaths of Mary and Matt. She has the list up to 1945 so chances are, they're on it.