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03-04-09, 19:00
Hi Everyone,

I am trying to use the correct spelling for names using the Alt key and the numbers and I never had a problem before. However, today, whilst typing a post in the forum, I tried to do the o with the dots, Alt 148 but when I press it, it cancels everything I have written and takes me back to the post in the thread. I have tried 3 times and lost everything I had written. Please can anyone offer any advice as to anything I can do to solve this. It used to work before. Huge thanks!

Jaska Sarell
03-04-09, 19:42
Ayla, keep the NumLock switched on!
Otherwise Alt-4 is Alt-Back and does just that.

:) Jaska

03-04-09, 19:45
Fantastic Jaska! Thank you! I guessed that it was something like that but I am always nervous of pressing things when I don't know what they do.
I think one of my children have been pressing things on the keyboard again!