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04-04-09, 21:31
Is it fair to asume that the mother and father are the same person while I continue to research to be positive? This way I have some kind of direction to go? Thanks for any imput. This is so much fun to try and figure this stuff out.

Lehtimäki - christened

Years 1860 - 1880
Father's first name: KALLE => Carl
Father's patronymic: THOMANP => Thomas
Mother's first name: SANNA => Susanna, Sannaa
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

5.10.1867 6.10.1867 Tp. Karl Thoms. Hattula Sanna Eriksd:r 20-25 Hilda

28.6.1870 5.7.1870 Kaltiala Tp.s. Karl Thom.s. Hattula Sanna Eriksd:r 20-25 San: Lisa

5.8.1872 8.8.1872 Kaltiala Tp.p. Kaarle Tuomp. Hattula Sanna Erkint. 25-30 Maria W:mina

4.10.1874 11.10.1874 Hattula Tp. Kalle Herm. Tuomanp. Sanna Seraf. Erkintr. 27. Gustaf Albanus

18.11.1876 19.11.1876 Hattula Tp. Kalle Thomanp. Sanna Erkintr 30-35 Jakob

A total of 5 events found.

Jaska Sarell
04-04-09, 23:41
Seems to be a fair assumption.

Lehtoimäki - married :
5.3.1867 Tp.s. Karl Herm. Thomson Hattula P. Susanna Seraf. Eriksd:r Perälä

These may be the parents:

Lehtimäki - christened
3.2.1844 4.2.1844 Pekoniemi Ih: Thomas Valb:s Maria Mattsd:r 31. Carl Herm:
[you'll find the same couple having a son Wilhelm in 1854 at Hattula]

Soini - christened
4.7.1846 5.7.1846 Perälä Tp: Eric Johanss: Anna Lena Henricsdr Susanna Zephyrina
[odd 2nd name variation]

:) Jaska

05-04-09, 00:41
Thanks for your imput. It is greatly appreciated. How come a persons name can have so many different variations?

05-04-09, 20:50
I am an amateur here, but I have encountered multiple cases of names with different spellings. For example, my 3grts grandmother's first name has been spelled as - Kajsa, Kaisa, Caisa, Cajsa, Catharina, or Katharina. Her last name has been spelled as Johansdotter, Johansdr., Jonsdr., Johansdatter, etc. Another example, names like "Eric", can be spelled like - Eric, Erik, Ers, Erich, Erick, etc.

As you can see, interpretting different spellings and abbreviations play a huge role in using the HisKi database. Just because the Finnish Genealogical Society transcribers transcribed the record right, doesn't mean that the original parish writter cared at all how it was exactly spelled. Heck, with so many people in Finland illiterate during the 1700s and early 1800s, I bet the lay-people didn't even realize their name had been spelled multiple ways.

Anyway, later.

06-04-09, 00:09
Thats what I am finding and sometimes I read to much into it and confuse myself. So I am trying to be more open mined when it comes to the spelling of names.