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June Pelo
06-04-09, 20:27
FAR, April issue, has this request:
My cousin and I are working on our Finnish genealogy. He recently submitted to a Y-DNA test through Family Tree and the DNA test results showed the N-haplogroup.

We want to establish a family tree for our ancestor Aatto Kaurila Tiilikoff, who changed his name to Oscar Billey at immigration. We believe he emigrated from the area of Jyvoalahti near Uhtua (Kalevala), Karelia - in SW Russia along the Finland border. We have been able to trace back to his parents' names, Kauron Tiilikoff and Ksjenia (Oksenia) Malinoff, but the trail has grown cold and we can't find further information. He had several brothers, Stephan and Vassili, other names not known. Stephan emigrated but died young. It appears that any living relatives in Russia at the time were "liquidated" by Soviet authorities at Sandarmokh. Any assistance will be appreciated.
Charles Umberger
132 Twin Oaks, Ln.
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