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A-M Löfdahl
07-12-03, 22:39
I am looking for descendents of Greta and Per-Erik Sidberg.
Greta was born as Greta Mickelsdotter Gammal (Brams) in Vörå, Finland 27.11.1858. She moved with her parents to Seiplax, Oravais in 1874. From Oravais she moved to Vichtis and then in 1890 to Säbro in Sweden. In Lindesberg she married Per-Erik Sidberg (b. 7.5.1854) and their daughter Signe Helena was born 28.1.1891.
Greta and Per-Erik Sidberg came to USA (Ellis Island) from Sweden 3 September 1892.
They seemed to have settled in Naugatuck, Connecticut where a son, Napoleon Casimer was born 15.1.1893. Per-Erik died in 1899.
What happened to the family?


11-12-03, 01:02
I made 2 fotocopies and overlapped them plus I wrote the swenson file # and church/town name on this copy.
Chuck Mäki

A-M Löfdahl
11-12-03, 13:16
Thank you very much Chuck!

Is it possible to get some more info? Death dates? Did the children grow up, marry, move???


11-12-03, 19:07
I am editing this email to include the url of the place where the scan/crop of the church page in the second membership list is to be found.
Per-Erik died 1 April 1899. The remarks column shows they had been dropped from membership on Jan 6, 1899. He did not appear on the funerals list nor did I see the family on the dismissal of members list.
Email your snailmail address to me and I will be happy to post the 4 fotocopies to you. I made a copy of the boys baptismal page.

A-M Löfdahl
18-12-03, 22:08
I saw it right now...

A-M Löfdahl
20-06-04, 20:19
I looked at http://www2.heritagequest.com/hqfinder/hqfinder.asp
and found two entries for Sidberg. One at Michigan 1910 Census: Alpena, Baraga, Antrin&Arenac Counties and one at Wisconsin 1910 census: Dodge&Douglas counties.
Could someone check this for me??

20-06-04, 20:49
Hi Anne-Marie,
I suspended my genealogy.com access to the census records temporarily but did find the following on ancestry.com. It was the only Sidberg that showed up for me.

Name: Andrew Sidberg
Age in 1910: 56
Estimated Birth Year: 1853
Home in 1910: COVINGTON TWP, BARAGA, Michigan
Race: White
Gender: Male
Series: T624
Roll: 635
Part: 1
Page: 252A
Year: 1910

20-06-04, 20:55
Hi again,
Found this in the 1920 census:

Name: Viola Sidberg
Age: 20 years
Estimated birth year: 1899
Birthplace: Minnesota
Race: White
Home in 1920: Amnicon, Douglas, Wisconsin

Forgot to mention, she was living as a boarder with the Martin Hansen family.

A-M Löfdahl
21-06-04, 19:22
Hi Kevin,
thank you!
I don´t see that Andrew fits into my family...
Viola? I can´t read the attachment..... Is there a Helena born in Sweden?.....

21-06-04, 20:35
Hi Anne-Marie,

Viola is living in the household of Martin Hanson. The family that you see below (Helena b.Sweden) is the next house in the census listing. Viola appears as a boarder in the listing above.

I'm at work so I don't have access to the image but if I recall correctly, it listed Viola's parents as having been born in Sweden while Viola was born in Minnesota.

The brother to Martin Hanson is the name just above Violas. He's listed as being born in Norway. Not sure that the Martin Hanson family has any bearing on Viola.

I probably have confused things for you. Just thought I'd show the image as these were the only Sidbergs that appeared in the index on ancestry.com

21-06-04, 20:38
Originally posted by A-M Löfdahl
I can´t read the attachment..... Is there a Helena born in Sweden?.....

Sorry, didn't answer your question. Yes, the Helena who appears next door to Viola was born in Sweden. In 1920, she is listed as 64 (b.~1855/6). The husband's name is Theodore age 69. Both born in Sweden, both naturalized in 1891.

A-M Löfdahl
22-06-04, 18:46
You know how it is..... I just wish that I could find a lead to the Sidberg family that I am looking for, because of that I asked about Helena. Signe Helena Sidberg was born in Sweden in 1891. Viola could have been a sister to her.....
I don´t know how to proceed with this.
I have put a query in The Quarterly so I have a little bit of hope left.....