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June Pelo
14-04-09, 16:16
I have a request for information about the Finnish ancestors of the noted Swedish tenor Jussi Björling, 1911-1960. His paternal grandfather had Finnish roots, but I haven't found anything about that part of the family. Would appreciate any information.

14-04-09, 17:00
Surprisingly, the family appears to come from Pori/Ulvila, my region, but how read this pedigree. His father is Karl David Björling 1873-1926.



14-04-09, 18:09
His finnish ancestors, from the pedigree,are:
Henrik Johansson Lönnqvist. Born 1812 in Tyrvis, Åbo och Björneborg, Finland ???. Died 1867 in Björneborg, Satakunta, Finland.
Married to:
Maria Kristina Johansdotter Grönholm. Born 1813. Died 1869 i Björneborg, Satakunta, Finland.
Henrika Matilda Lönnqvist. Born 1844-05-14 in Björneborgs sfs (Pori), Satakunta, Finland. Died 1918-10-15 in Borlänge, Stora Tuna (W), Sweden.
Married to Lars Johan Björling (f Björn). Mästersmed. Born 1842-05-06 in Broberg, Voxna (X), Sweden. Died 1909-01-07 in Borlänge, Stora Tuna, Sweden.

Christina Nordback