View Full Version : Came to a stumbling block.

17-04-09, 21:09
I have traced one part of my family back to the 1600's. The issue that I have encountered is that the FFHA(Sukuhistroia.fi) doesnt go back that far. Where else is there to look up information dated that far back. Thanks for any input.

17-04-09, 22:38
Have you submitted a gedcom so you can use the Talko database?

18-04-09, 07:40

Finnish church books go back to the 17th century but not further back, in many parishes there are no records until the early 17th century. If you want to go further, you need to use tax records, court records etc. There are some in the National Archives website, for example SAY ( General List of Settlement in Finland )which is a collection of data from various tax records, transcribed to modern writing. Read more here http://www.narc.fi/Arkistolaitos/eng/gene.htm