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18-04-09, 18:09
I'm looking for any info or surviving relatives of Jaako Vahakangas. He moved to the US in the 1920-1930's with his wife. They were from the Ylivieska area in Finland. Apparently he and his wife may have died on the same day. He was my great great uncle. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

18-04-09, 22:12
Would this happen to be the correct Jaakko Vähäkangas on this passenger record? You don't state his spouse's name or where they immigrated to. Do you have further information?

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18-04-09, 22:18
Also found this on the Institute of Migration.

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Detailed passenger information
Last name Vähäkangas
First names Jaakko J.
Age or age group 23
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination St. John
State of destination NB
Country of destination CDN
Price of ticket FIM 3900
Ship from Finland Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland 08.12.1923
Ship from England Montlaurier
Date of departure from England 14.12.1923
Ocean Line C.P.O.S. Line
Port of departure in England Liverpool
List and page 120/70
Remarks Lapua!

18-04-09, 22:24
Found a marriage for an Antti Vähäkangas in Canada. Maybe Jaakko's son?

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Name: Vahakangas
Spouse: Kangasniami
Event Year: 1933
Event: Mariage (Marriage)
Religion: United Church
Place of Worship or Institution: Montréal (United Church Mountain Street)
Province: Québec (Quebec)

18-04-09, 22:27
This probably is Jaakko's son, Antti's passenger record.

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Karen Norwillo
19-04-09, 17:38
Here's the manifest for Jaakko and party cropped.

Karen Norwillo
19-04-09, 17:48
Sorry. It didn't come through correctly. Hopefully this works.

20-04-09, 17:59
Thank you for the info you have provided. I managed to find my personal info I have on my great great uncle. Jakob (Jaako) was born on Dec 31 1862, his wife Jemiina was born Feb 3 1860. They left for the USA May 2 1890. They both died on the same day May 28 1927. There is no record of any children. Another note, Jakob/Jaako's last name may have been changed from Vahakangas to Vaaramaa. It looks like Jakob's father may have changed his last name. Again, any more info you provide for me will be greatly appreciated. Liisa

Tapio Rautio
07-08-09, 19:18
Hello Liisa!

You should purchase the book: Ylivieskan Vähäkankaat by
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