View Full Version : Interesting but useless fact

June Pelo
20-04-09, 22:04
At five minutes and six seconds after 4 a.m. on the 8th of July this year, the time and date will be: 04:05:06 07/08/09.

This will never happen again.

20-04-09, 23:10
Won't it happen again in 3009, or do you think there won't be a world then?:eek:

Jaska Sarell
20-04-09, 23:11
In most European countries that will be 7th of August ;)

Reminds me of the date and time, when prohibition ended in Finland:
5.4.32 10:00, i.e. licensed Alko shops opened on 5th of April 1932 at 10 o'clock.

:) Jaska

20-04-09, 23:48
That was a good thing!;)

21-04-09, 15:40
I will be sleeping :D :D