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June Pelo
26-04-09, 17:09
Fjalar Viking Gullmes died 16 Jan 2008, San Francisco, CA at age 84. He was born 6 Dec 1923, Lappfjärd, and named after a Norwegian king. His parents were Frans and Alvina Gullmes. As a 17-year-old soldier he was awarded a medal for bravery in the Winter War. He emigrated via Sweden in 1950. He was married to Anna-Lisa Norrback, from Lappfjärd who died in 1993. She was a popular singer of Swedish folk songs. He was rated among the top home builders in San Francisco and upon his death City Hall adjourned business out of respect for him - and church bells in Lappfjärd rang out in remembrance. He is survived by son Glenn, brothers Åke and Johan and many relatives in the US, Sweden and Finland.