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09-12-03, 06:56
Hello everyone , I am trying to find some info on my grandfather Hemming Edvard (Joosepinpoika) Hautamäki Hako-oja. He was born March 2 1870 in Peräseinäjoki. He was a farm worker I think, He married Heta (Hedvig) Sofia Saunamäki in Kurikka on July 28 1898. They had 5 children born in Kurikka.1,Yrjo Johannes 18/4/1902, 2,Fanny Maria 22/11/1904, 3,Aarno Nikoli 24/7/1907, 4,Hemminki Iisakki 26/1/1911, 5,Alma Sofia 30/8/1912, And 1 child born in Quebec Canada, Arvi Edward 3/30/1919. I just seem to run into a dead end , I don't know if my grandfather had any brothers or sisters, maybe a sister (Fanni). Is there a farm or was there a farm in the area that was called Hako-oja, Because I know of a family in Helsinki That uses the name but they don't know where it came from as they say they think it came from a farm. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you, Taisto.