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June Pelo
01-05-09, 22:43
Finland's Foreign Ministry has opened a new website on the Internet aimed at the Russian readers. It gives maximum visibility of Finland's image through a search engine in the Russian language. There is a potential of 300 million readers. The address: http://www.info-finlandia.ru

Coffee drinkers in Finland consumed 9.9 kilos of ground coffee last year, while 5 kilos was consumed in Central Europe by coffee drinkers. Finland imports coffee beans from Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, plus Kenya and Ethiopia. And they export ground coffee to the Baltic countries and to Russia. The average coffee drinker in Finland drinks 4 cups of coffee per day compared to an average of 3 1/2 cups of coffee per day in the US. (I wonder what size cup was used in this comparison? My relatives in Finland drink coffee in little cups while Americans generally use large mugs which probably hold as much coffee that equals two small cups.)