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01-05-09, 23:17
First I would like to thank the last 2 people that helped me. I havent been on the forum recently because my children were sick. My question is
EX- fathers name is Esajas Mattsson
sons name should be Matt Esaiasson-Correct?
or is it possible for the son to take the fathers last name so the son would be Matt Mattsson.

Could this be a possibility?


June Pelo
02-05-09, 00:00
Yes, it's possible to take the name Mattsson. I have a family whose father's name was Johan Eriksson Kallis. One of his sons called himself Anton Johnson and another called himself Gustaf Erickson. Both came to the US and dropped the Kallis name.

03-05-09, 21:48
While they are on my Norwegian side, I have a great great grandfather named Lauritz Olsen. He and his family eventually immigrated to the US. Two the children used the patronymic last name of Lauritsson, and the other half kept their grandfather's name Oleson (which was slowly anglicised to Olson). Yet one of the Olsen brothers did not want to be "another" John Olson (due to the commonality of the name), so he changed his last name yet again to a version the family's Norwegian farm name, Mickvoldvald; henceforth he was John Mikvold.

So by the time they were all in the US, my great grandfather was Lasse Leonard Lauritsson, his sister was Olina Olson, and his brother was John Mikvold. Best of luck to you, as it can get confusing!

07-05-09, 22:33
Thanks to June and Rob for replying to my questions. Its funny that sometimes things seem to be just rolling right along and then something even more confusing comes along to take me for a loop. ;)