View Full Version : Sven and Ole

June Pelo
02-05-09, 01:52
So, one night Ole was sitting reading the paper when he looked out the window and saw that his barn was on fire. So Ole quick jumped up and called the fire department and said, "Hurry, come quick, my barn's burnin' down!" The fire chief replied, "Ole, slow down. Now how do we get there?"
And Ole said, "Well, don't you have that little red truck anymore?"

Ole has been shot to death. Vell, he vas up near da border with Canada cuttin trees. A forest ranger saw him at a distance and yelled "Vas is your name and whacha been doin".
Ole replied "Ole, bin loggin.

Swen was standing on the street corner one day when Ole drove up in a new car. Swen asked, "Ole, where did you get the new car?"
Ole answered, "I was out parking in the toolies with Lena, and she took off all her clothes and told me I could have whatever I wanted - so I took the car." Swen answered, "Well I think you made a wise choice, the clothes probably wouldn't have fit you anyway."