View Full Version : Kajsa Sofia Ingels - Närpes

Margaret Rader
10-12-03, 00:23
I am gradually getting more information on my grandmother's family, but I don't have much of anything on her mother. According to family information, she was Kajsa Sofia Ingals (but I believe the spelling probably should be Ingels, based on what I found in Hiski.) She was born July 23, 1851 in Närpes, according to this information. Her patronymic may have been Johan-Eriksdotter. She married Johan Erik Johan-Fredriksson Aspbäck and they lived in Svartnäs. Names associated with this family also include Lindström as well as Svartnäs.
I haven't sent for parish information or the LDS files on this parish, so I do have more steps to take.
I think they were considered to live in an area which could either be in Korsnäs or Närpes, which complicates the matter some.
Sound familiar to anyone?

Margaret Holm Rader