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ismo forsman
03-05-09, 12:12
If somebody know something about my grandfathers 3 cousins or their children or grandchildren. I`m very hapy if I hear something to their lives.
Here are 3 Johan Everts cousins:

1. Frans Almar Hyrk[/B] b. 7.4.1875 Mäntsälä, goes to Boston USA 22.6.1901 Boston ship, he lives in Quincy Massahusett 1930 Jaffreys farmer.
2 Wife:Hilda Sofia Höijer[/COLOR] b. 27.1.1875 Rautalampi goes to Boston USA 24.9.1901 Ulton ship.

A. Elma (Emma) Sofia Hyrk b. 25.5.1899 Petäjävesi, d. 16.9.1968 Forset Hill Cemetory, Fittshburg.
Husband: Oscar Mäki b. 1897.
B. Selma (Mary) Hyrk b. 1903
C. Ester H. Hyrk b. 1908
D. Alma Lydia Hyrk b. 22.8.1913 New Hampshire, d. 22.12.1996 Tuolumne, Kalifornia.
Husband: Charles Benning Marston b. 17.8.1914 Massahuset, d. 9.1989 Mariposa Kalifornia
Children: Ronald Wallace Marston b. 1.6.1951 Kalifornia, d. 14.8.1993 Mariposa, Kalifornia.
E. Aina Hyrk b. 20.11.1915 New Hampshire, d. 20.6.1992 San Francisco
F. Ruth Hyrk b. 1919

2. Olga Amanda Hyrk b. 20.4.1886 Mariefors Tuusula goes to Boston USA 24.1.1904 Ulton ship

3. Alma Sofia Hyrk b. 12.1.1891 Mariefors Tuusula goes to Boston USA 18.3.1909, d. 26.11.1971 Lake Worth, Florida.
Husband: Paul Paronen.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-09, 16:51
Here's a start on your families.
1920 and 1930 the Frans (Frank) Hjalmer Hyrk family lived in Jeffrey, Cheshire, NH. In 1920 children at home were Mary 17, Esther H 12, Alma 6, Aina 4, Ruth 10/12 AND SON-IN-LAW Oscar Maki 23 AND wife Elma 20.
In 1930 Alma L is 16, Aina E 14 and Ruth M 11.

1930 Paul A Paronen and Alma S are in Christiana, New Castle, DE with son Paul W age 11 born MA.
Paul Paronen born 3 Jun 1887 in Tampere, Finland, died Nov 1969 in Lake Wood, Palm Beach, FL
Paul Waldemar Paronen born 18 Sep 1917 in MA died 21 Apr 2003 in Durham, NC. NC Deaths 1908-2004 says he was 85, married, 2 yrs college, was cremated. Died in Durham Regional Hospital.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-09, 16:54
More images. The second part of WWII image for Paronen may not be his. They were uploaded incorrectly on Ancestry, but the first part is his.

Karen Norwillo
03-05-09, 21:26
Here is the images for Oscar Maki. Born 8 Nov 1895, Oscar Salem Mäki, in Ahlainen, Finland. Died Aug 1986 in Lake Worth, Palm Beach, FL. In 1930, he was a single roomer in Fitchburg, MA, so they must have married after 1930.
I also found the Hyrk family in New Ipswich township, Hillsborough, NH in 1910 It says Frank Hyrk was married twice, 11 yrs in present marriage with Hilda. Says 6 children, 3 living. Elma, listed as Emma born Finland is 10, Selma, also found in other censuses as Mary S, 7 born MA, and Esther 2 NH. She is mistakenly listed as Ethel on Ancestry.
I don't know if this is Aina, but the matching vitals show Aina H Hunt 20.11.1915-1 Jul 1992 in San Francisco county, CA. Do you know if her husband was Charles F Hunt? There is a Charles F Hunt 15 Dec 1913 in NH-25 Jul 1990 in Los Angeles county, CA. MMN Whitcomb.

ismo forsman
05-05-09, 17:15
Frans Almar Hyrk 1 wife is anna Sofia Lähteenmäki b. 12.1.1876, d. 1898

They have 4 children:
Anna Sofia Hyrk b. 26.2.1898, d. 12.8.1898 Tuusula
Alma (Emma) Sofia Hyrk
Wilhelm Einar Hyrk b. 17.3.1901 Tuusula, d. 7.1901
Frans Hjalmar Hyrk b. 17.3.1901 Tuusula, d. 3.7.1901

Frans 1 sister:
Elin Mathilda Hyrk b. 8.4.1883 Mariefors Tuusula married 28.8.1907 USA, seaman Paulus Johannes Andersson b. 24.12.1879 Kemiö. One their childern birt in USA: Doris Irene Mathilda Andersson b. 28.11.1907 New York Smitsville.
They came to Finland but their grandchildren know nothing about their USA relatives

Thank you for information what I have get. I am very greatful.

Karen Norwillo
05-05-09, 18:00
I will look to see what I can find on Elin and Paulus and their family in the US.
Glad I was able to help. I saw those first births of Frans and Anna Sofia, but didn't realize it was the same Frans. Not until later that I found he was married twice.

Karen Norwillo
27-05-09, 17:52
I received a reply from Fitchburg. The librarian is sending me the obit for Elma/Emma Maki. It should come in a few days. I will post.

ismo forsman
28-05-09, 13:19
This is very interesting I am waiting what you find. Thank you.

Karen Norwillo
01-06-09, 19:35
I have the obit for Elma, but I can't seem to shrink it to a size that will be accepted. Information contained in it: 9/19/1968

Mrs Oscar S Maki
Native of Finland
Fitchburg-Mrs Elma S (Hyrk) Maki, 69, of 205 MA State Highway died Monday in Burbank Hospital.
She was born in Kellokoski, Finland, the daughter of Frank and Hilda Hyrk.
She leaves her husband, Oscar S Maki, Sr., a son Oscar S Maki, Jr, a daughter Mrs. Waino Sormunen of Westminster, and five sisters, Mrs Carl Spoffard and Mrs Flavel Lynch of Jaffrey, NH, Mrs Charles Arston of Monterey, CA, Mrs Aina Hunt of San Francisco, CA and Mrs Robert Ross of Bedford.
Funeral services will be held at 2 pm Thursday in the Bosk Funeral Home. Burial in Forest Hill Cemetery.
Calling hours 7-8:30 tonight. A Rebekah service will be conducted at 7:30.

Karen Norwillo
02-06-09, 19:43
Matching husbands to Hyrk sisters
Esther Hyrk Stoffard 8 Sep 1907- Aug 1973 Jaffrey, Cheshire, NH
Carl Stoffard 11 May 1893-Jan 1969 Jaffrey Center, NH
Aina Hyrk Hunt as given previously. 20 Nov 1915-1 Jul 1992 San Francisco, CA
Oscar S Maki Jr, son of Elma, 22 Sep 1921-29 Dec 2007 Leominster, Worcester, MA
Flavel Lynch 1 Feb 1910- May 1977 Jaffrey, Cheshire, NH
Mary (Selma) Lynch 1 Oct 1902-Sep 1979 Jaffrey, NH
Ruth H Ross 15 Mar 1919-22 Jul 1993 Bedford, Middlesex, MA
Robert Ross 20 Oct 1892-7 Jul 1978 Bedford, MA
The Charles Arston is Charles Marston married to Alma.
In 1930 Esther Maki age 9 and Oscar Maki age 8 are in Jaffrey and are listed as grandchildren. So I would think that Mrs Waino Sormunen is Esther Maki. This is not proven.
Waino Sormunen 18 Mar 1919-31 Mar 2004 Westminster, Worcester, MA.
Esther may still be living. No death record found. She would have been born abt 1919-1920.

Karen Norwillo
02-06-09, 21:35
Obituary Archives.com had obits for Waino and for Oscar Maki Jr. Neither show survivors or next of kin. Very basic obit. Just name, date of death and funeral home. Oscar is buried in Mass. Veterans Cemetery in Winchendon, MA.
He was 86.