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03-05-09, 21:36
Hello to all :confused: ;)

I am trying to locate info from my grand father (on my mom's side)c - - all I know for sure is that he imigrated from Finland , the name he used in US was Warner Free and he settled in Remer Minnesota wher my mothe was born.

Not a lot to go on but have seen less

Lanny Miller

03-05-09, 22:22

Welcome to the Finlander Forum.

If you could give us at least approximate birth date information for Warner Free, that would be a start.

Thanks, and good luck!

03-05-09, 22:26
Is this possibly him?

First Name: Werner Edv.
Last Name: Free
Ethnicity: Finnish
Last Place of Residence: Petalax, Finland
Date of Arrival: Sep 13, 1921
Age at Arrival: 37y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: United States
Port of Departure: Copenhagen
Manifest Line Number: 0004

03-05-09, 22:29
From the Institute of Migration in Finland, there is this:

Last name Free
First names Werner Edv.
Age or age group 37
Port of departure Hanko
Place of destination New York
State of destination NY
Country of destination USA
Price of ticket FIM 4450
Ship from Finland Astraea
Date of departure from Finland 26.08.1921
Ship from England United States
Date of departure from England 02.09.1921
Ocean Line Skand. American
Port of departure in England *
List and page 101/78
Remarks Vaasa!

03-05-09, 22:36
The ship manifest at Ellis Island says:

He had been to the USA on two prior occasions, 1898 and 1920 to Minnesota.

Going to friend: John Spaason, La Salle Hotel, Duluth, Minnesota.

It also says he was 5'3", healthy complexion, brown hair and brown eyes, and that he had last been in Petalax, Finland.

03-05-09, 23:11
Warm Welcome to you Lanny!
If there is anyone who can help solve a mystery then it is the fantastic friends on here who are a wealth of information and are absolute diamonds!
Make sure you post every piece of information you have, however small and trivial you think it may be, you never know, it just may hold an important clue!

Good luck with it all, it's a rollercoaster ride of emotion so hold on tight and enjoy the ride :D


Karen Norwillo
04-05-09, 17:01
Found your Werner Edward Free. Born 22 Aug 1884 and died 20 Oct 1947 in Itasca county, MN In 1920, he is in Duluth and is divorced. In 1930 he is in Remer, Cass, MN and is remarried to Alma (Hagen). There is a son Maynard 15 born ND and a daughter Alvilda U 3+ born MN. Maynard must be Alma's son.

Maynard Free 3 Jan 1915-26 Aug 1990 Polk county, MN. MMN Hagen
Alvilda Ulrika Free 20 Feb 1927 Cass county, MN. MMN Hagen
Alma Free died 30 Apr 1943 in Cass county, MN

Werner Edward Free was a barber. Birth and deaths from the MN Birth and Death Indexes.

Karen Norwillo
04-05-09, 21:46
I found Alma Hagen with her family in the 1900 census in Dewey Village, Roseau, MN
Hagen, Christian L Norway
Hagen, Kjersli, Norway
Hagen, Alma, June 1893 ND
Hagen, Alvilda, age 5
So it looks like Alvilda Free was named for Alma's sister.
In 1910, same place, Alma is with her uncle's family, Hans Hagen. No sign of her parents or sister.

Alma, Werner and Maynard Free are buried in Fairview Cemetery in Remer, MN.
Says Werner died in Grand Rapids, Alma in Remer. Maynard served in Army WWII.