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June Pelo
04-05-09, 19:53
Herman Mattsson Storgård-Matson, 1862-1917 and wife Susanna Johansdotter Långholm-Andersson, 1862-1922 were born and married in Nykarleby. They had 2 children born there and must have emigrated to Ludington, MI before 1893. They had 6 or 7 children born in Ludington. Is it possible to find their birthdates. Their oldest son John, b. 1882 in Nykarleby, was married in 1904, Ludington, to Hilda Wilson and they had 7 children, probably all born there. I'd like to have birthdates of them, too.


Karen Norwillo
04-05-09, 21:59
Here's a start with the Herman Matson family.
From the 1900 Census in Ludington and MI Births, Deaths, SSDI
Herman Apr 1862, Susanna Sep 1861
John A 12 Dec 1882 Finland-Dec 1967 in Ludington
Paul Aug1887 Finland
Hjalmar E (Elmer or Eddie) 16 Nov 1893-4 Sep 1988 Cuyahoga Falls, Summit, OH
Edith M 17 Sep 1895
Alben A Aug 1898
Esther S 7 Feb 1899
Herman 26 Dec 1901-15 Nov 1991 Munroe Falls, Summit, OH
Olga abt 1903
Walter C 13 Dec 1905-10 Mar 1979 Ludington, Mason MI
John A Matson married Hilda Wilson 31 Dec 1904
Esther M Matson married Arthur Nyquist 5 Jul 1921 in Ludington

June Pelo
04-05-09, 22:47
Thanks, Karen. How interesting to read the nationalities - the city was a melting pot of Germans, Danes, Poles, Finns and Swedes.

Karen Norwillo
04-05-09, 23:19
Found John and Hlda in 1910-20-30 all Ludington. There are 5 live children. In 1910 she says she's had 3 children, 2 living. In 1930, son Eugene is with them, along with his wife Margaret.
I also found Paul Matson and his wife Cora in Peterson, Clay, Iowa. Lead came from Esther and Arthur's marriage. They were the witnesses.

Eugene O Matson 2 May 1906-2 Feb 1984 Ludington.
Margaret E Matson 24 Oct 1906-1 Sep 1978 Ludington, Eugene's wife
Robert B Matson 15 Nov 1909-19 Sep 1999 Ludington
Paul E Matson 22 Mar 1919 Iowa-17 Jun 1994 Winter Haven, Polk, FL
Paul Matson 16 Aug 1886 Nykarleby, Finland
Cora Matson 15 Aug 1891-Jul 1989 Burlington, Des Moines, IA

Karen Norwillo
04-05-09, 23:21
Paul and Cora. So far I haven't found Esther and Arthur Nyquist on the 1930 Census.

June Pelo
05-05-09, 01:04

Brian is delighted with all the info. about his grandparents. The family seems to have liked the name Paul - got kind of confusing with so many of them..

Karen Norwillo
05-05-09, 14:47
Here's the wedding record of Esther and Arthur which led me to Paul and Cora. The smallest clue will often lead to more findings.

June Pelo
05-05-09, 18:05
Thanks, Karen. I have allways said that genealogy research involves a lot of detective work.