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05-05-09, 20:12
I am loking for descendants of:
Gustaf Mattson born in Pedersöre Finl. 12 April 1876, married with Anna Mattson b. 21 Juli 1871.
They emigrated to USA 1900
1910 they lived in Ervin Gogebic Michigan
Gustaf 33 year, Anna 38, son´s Theodore 7, Albin 2.
1920 they lived in Rochester Thurston WA
Gustaf 45 year, Anna 48, Theodore 18, Albin 12.
Gustaf Mattson d. 26 Okt. 1924 in a mineaccident in Burnett WA.
Anna Mattson d. 15 Jan. 1937 in Rochester WA.
Theodore Mattson married with Alina Wik b. 18 Feb.1896 in Finl. d. 7 Aug. 1989 in Olympia WA
I know that Theodore and Alina got a son.
How can I get more information about them?

Karen Norwillo
05-05-09, 23:42
I found all the clues you gave, but so far haven't found Theodore in 1930. I found Anna and Albin and his family in Independence, Thurston, WA. Ancestry has some wrong transcription of the info, but the image is clear to someone who recognizes Swedish names.
Anna is 58, a widow, born Finland. Albin is 23, a farmer, wife Anna is 26, son John is 4 4/12 and daughter Shirley is 1 7/12. All the names except John's are interpreted wrong.
I found the death info for Anna and Gustaf Mattson on Death Certificates of Finns in King and Thurston County, WA.
Matson, Gus b. Apr.12,1876 Finland, died Oct 26, 1924 in Providence Hospital Seattle. Cause: contusion of brain, struck by falling stone in mine. Husband of Anna. Miner Pacific Coast Coal Co. Father Mat Matson. Informant: Theodore Matson, Bremerton, WA. Burial Oct 31, 1924 in Tacoma.
Mattson, Anna Sophia b. Jul 21, 1871 Finland, died Jan 15, 1937 Rochester, WA. Cause: chronic parenchymatous nephritis (kidney failure) Widow of August Mattson. Father Jacob Pettersson. Informant Theodore Mattson, son. Removal Jan 15, 1937 to Tacoma.

06-05-09, 00:51

For some reason, I still think the fellow, whose info I sent to you, is connected. What do you think?

06-05-09, 21:19
Thanks Karen for this info, a step forwards.
I have tried to find more info about Theodore and Alina Mattson.
I hope I could finde someone of Theodores and Albins descendants.
I will write to them.

06-05-09, 21:22
I will follow all ideas I get.
"Ofenlumpi could be Ahvenlampi, but in this area all people speak Swedish and the surnames or familynames are Swedish too, so...

28-05-09, 20:02
Is there enyone who can help me.
I am looking for descendants of two brothers
1. Theodore Mattson b. 1903 in Michigan, d. 1984 in Thurston WA, married
with Alina Johanna Wik b.18 Febr. 1896 in Finl. d. 1989 in Olympia WA
I knowe that they got a son.
2. Albin Mattson b. 1908 in Michigan, married with Anna
children: Johan b. about 1925
Shirley b. about 1928
1930 they lived in Rochester, Thurston WA

June Pelo
28-05-09, 21:11
Karen posted a reply to Gunni, which included this:
Mattson, Anna Sophia b. Jul 21, 1871 Finland, died Jan 15, 1937 Rochester, WA. Cause: chronic parenchymatous nephritis (kidney failure) Widow of August Mattson. Father Jacob Pettersson. Informant Theodore Mattson, son. Removal Jan 15, 1937 to Tacoma.

Just wanted to confirm that Jakob Pettersson Rif was the father of Anna Sophia, b. 1871. Anna' husband Gustaf Mattsson was born Henrik Gustaf Mattsson Storgård, b. 1876 in Edsevö, son of Matts Andersson Storgård.

28-05-09, 21:32
I have the genealogical table for Anna Sofia and Henrik Gustav Mattson here in Finland. But I am looking for their children Theodore and Albin in Thurstone WA

Karen Norwillo
29-05-09, 03:30
I found a few possibilities. According to the WA Death Index, a Theodore R Mattson born 1901, died 25 Oct 1986 in Bellingham, Whatcom, WA. I have sent a request to RAOGK for that county for a copy of the obit. That should give children.
Alina J Mattson born 18 Feb 1896, died 7 Aug 1989 in Centralia, Lewis, WA. She was 93. Possibly she was in a home there and had resided in Olympia.
Anna Mattson 11 Feb 1904, died 17 June 1983 in Olympia, Thurston, WA. I have asked RAOGK for this county to see if they can locate an obit for Anna and Alina. I didn't find any volunteers for Lewis county, but maybe if she had lived in Olympia, there'd be an obit there. Worth a try. Let you know what I hear back. I think these are the correct people. Obits should confirm.
I did some more searching. The Albin Mattson who died in Oak Harbor is not the correct one. His wife was Patricia M.

Karen Norwillo
29-05-09, 16:13
I also requested a look-up for the Thedore M Mattson who was born 23 Jan 1903 and died 29 Dec 1984 in Enumclaw, King, WA. It matches your previous dates. Karen

30-05-09, 10:59
Thank you so much, that is the right family Mattson. I a´m exited to see what you can find out about them.

Karen Norwillo
09-06-09, 02:40
Here's the obituary for Alina Mattson. It won't upload, but here's the basic info. If you PM me, I will email to you.
Alina Johanna Mattson 93 a resident of Centralia, died Mon Aug 7, 1989 in Liberty Care and Rehabilitation Center,
Born Feb 18,1896 to Peter and Sofia (Snellman) Wiik in Finland. Came to US 1912 at age 16. Attended nursing school and graduated from University of CA in San Francisco. Married first to Adam Tuononen who preceded her in death. Then married Gustaf "Ted" Mattson. Mr Mattson also died.
Employed as a private nurse in CA and WA and lived in Rochester for 35 years.
Survivors, son AJ in Olympia, 3 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
Graveside service and burial in Grand Mountain Cemetery, Rochester.