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07-05-09, 22:46
Is it unusual for people to get married in their early teens in the early 1800,s?

June Pelo
08-05-09, 01:06
The minimum marriage age was fixed in the ecclesiastic order of 1751 and the Ecclesiastic Law of 1686, but has since been raised. According to Roman and canon law the minimum marriage age was 14 for boys and 12 for girls. In the 16th century it was 15 for boys and 14 for girls. In 1721 the majority age was set at 21 and 15, respectively, but sons of peasants were permitted to marry at age 18 from 1740 onward. This was in effect until 1922. From 1911 onward girls were allowed to marry at age 17.

08-05-09, 18:43
Thanks for your help June. You seem to be a wealth of knowledge and I do appreciate your help.:)

June Pelo
08-05-09, 19:58
I do a lot of reading, and remembered reading about this recently.