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12-05-09, 16:46
When I first started using Brother's Keeper for my ancestry, I started it by importing a gedcom about my great-grandmother's second husband, instead of starting it with my name first. :( I was wondering how to exchange his number and mine in order for me to be number 1 when opening Brother's Keeper. Any ideas? :D Or am I stuck being number 698?


Jaska Sarell
12-05-09, 19:53
As it happens, I started BK ages ago with my paternal 6th great grand father, and am myself number 699 :rolleyes:

You can make yourself number 1 in the following way:

0. Make sure you have backups just in case something goes wrong!
1. Split your current database to another directory.
2. Select first ancestors of a person (you) or another option starting with you.
3. Secondly select range of numbers - entire database (i.e. all the rest)
4. Copy the selected persons (i.e. all)

The new database has every detail from the old one, but you will be #1.

I have tested that to work.

:) Jaska

13-05-09, 06:08
Hi Jaska,
I knew you would come through with the answer to my dilemma! :D I deserve to be number 1, right? :rolleyes:

Thank-you so much.
Best Regards,

P.S. Stay close to your computer as I may need you to talk me through this! :o

13-05-09, 15:26
Hi Jaska,
O.K. I followed your instructions and I am number 1 on my new database, but there are now only 5745 names on the new one out of 39130 that were on the previous one. How do I now add the rest of my original database? Did I do something incorrect on this?
I started with the option: split database, made a new folder, typed my name in as the option starting with me first, selected entire database,and then all. When it was done, I ended up with me as number 1 and 5745 names.


P.S. I have multiple backups! 2 flashdrives and another computer with my info. so I am totally safe screwing up the info. I have on my laptop that I am trying this on. :D

Jaska Sarell
13-05-09, 19:28
Hi Denise,
Hard to say what went wrong :confused:
Anyway you should be able to copy all at the same time. Adding later is practically impossible. I forget to mention that in splitting the number of selected persons should grow up to 39130 in your case.

I try to tell what happens with my database. I'm still using BK 5.2G - maybe something is different in later version, which I have not currently installed.

I have now 43930 names.
In splitting database I first select "Ancestors of a person plus family of ancestor" and myself -> Number selected: 2919.
Then I select "Range of numbers". "Start with" defaults to 1 and "Stop with" to 43930 [if defaults are different, select them individually]. Hitting OK -> Number selected: 43930.
Ready to proceed with copying...

:) Jaska

13-05-09, 21:56
Hi Jaska,
I've tried numerous times and still can't get my numbers switched, so I phoned John Steed (he lives in Michigan and if anyone needs help on Brother's Keeper p.m. me and I will give you the phone number), creator of Brother's Keeper and he is going to email me the instructions which I will post. Or, JASKA can always help too. :p I found from John Steed, that I can also just change my database to open with my name first, even though my number will still be 698 by doing the following.

Go to main file
Edit Screen
Show Number 698 (or whatever your own number is in your database)

and then at least my database will open with me, and not my great grandmother's second husband.

I read off the instructions you sent me to John Steed and he said you were totally correct, (you computer geek! :D ) so maybe I am just an idiot when it comes to computers! :o

I will post John Steed's instructions when I get his email, and again, THANK-YOU JASKA!!!! You are so SMART!!!! This site is fortunate to have you as a member.


Jaska Sarell
13-05-09, 23:08
Hi Denise,
I'm blushing :eek:

I have selected Edit screen option "Have the screen blank and prompt for a name to find". So there's really no matter what number I am.

I'm an complete idiot in many other fields, but using computers nearly 30 years has kept me experimental.

:) Jaska

14-05-09, 02:07
O.K. Mr. Experimental,
Explain to me how you can change the color of what you are typing on this site, and it better be easy for me to do! :D I'm growing tired of these "smilies" and long to be as artistic as you with my posts! :rolleyes:

Denise ;)

14-05-09, 05:16
Here is the email I received from John Steed about changing your number on your database using Brother's Keeper, and yes, Jaska it is the same as your instructions...

"If you want to renumber your Brother's Keeper database, then

1. Make a Backup of your database.

2. Go to File, Split Database.

3. Create a new folder such as C:\BKNEW

4. Then pick Ancestors and family of and pick your name or number.

5. Then pick Range of numbers and pick 1 to the end.

At this point, the number of selected people will be the same as your total database.

6. Then pick COPY

7. After it is done, pick File, Open database and open C:\BKNEW

It will contain everyone and you will be number 1"

John Steed

14-05-09, 05:17
Hello Denise!


Just click the large A in the tool bar when making a post and you can change the color as you wish!

14-05-09, 05:25
Hi Ilmari,
I just hit the large A and found the colors! Hope this works, and I thank-you for making my day...I was getting quite bored. :D

Have a great night,