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16-05-09, 13:11
I'm looking for two brothers who moved to the Fitchburg.

Older brother Karl Ernst aka. Kalle Ernesti born 22.4.1884 in Toholampi. He moved to America 20.4.1901 and arrived to Portland 2.5.1901. I know that he moved to his uncle Johan "Juho" Kopsala. Who lived on Fitchburg. I have his day of dead, which is 20.3.1919. But i'm not sure is that day right.

Younger brother Hjalmar aka. Henrik Jalmari born 16.6.1886 in Toholampi. He moved to America 3.4.1907 and arrived to Boston 12.10.1907. He also moved to his uncle Johan Kopsala. I know that he has been worked on weaving mill on year 1910. I have his day of dead, wich is 3.1.1941. And this is have been taked on Raivaaja-newspaper. So it's maybe the right.

These two brother's lastname was begin Tiilikka but it seems to very quickly transformed to Tiilikkala. Karl's and Hjalamar parents were Matti Heikinpoika Tiilikka and Anna Josefiina Juhontytär Tiilikka nee Kopsala.

So i wanna know did these two brother have family and do theys descendants live today. Those two borther's are my Grandfather brothers.

16-05-09, 14:13
Where was the place of death for Hjalmar in the Raivaaja newspaper? Was he still in Massachusetts?

Denise :)

17-05-09, 14:52
I don't know. It's second hand information... I just know the day. But Raivaaja newspaper appear in Fitchburg, MA. So maybe Hjalmar died nearly to Fitchburg or Massachusetts state

17-05-09, 20:30
There is this man, from MA with Social Security number starting with 018

018 = Massachusetts

death date: 11/00/1965
birth date: 03/11/1900

Another with 018 is LEMPI A TIILIKKALA

One with 014 [also MA] is ILMI TIILIKKALA

One with 022 [also MA] is:
death date: 03/10/2009
birth date: 03/26/1918
last location: BARRE, MA
last residence zipcode: 01005

Then, a younger generation in Michigan

One with 381 = Michigan L R TIILIKKA b. 04/09/1955; d. 10/15/1993