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11-12-03, 10:21
Looking for information about my mothers aunt Alina Anderson nee Back b.27.4.1888 in Iskmo,Finland arrived to USA 1904. I found her in 1930 census in New York as viddow of Reinhold Anderson from Finland, with children Wallace, Edward, Charles, Harold, Agnes,Rudolph.I like to find some of her children or grandchildren.

Christer Westergard
Korsholm, Finland

11-12-03, 14:58
Hi Krister,
I checked the 1910 & 1920 census index for New York and didn't find Alina. There was one Reinhold Anderson who appears but doesn't seem to be the correct person. He was in Onondaga County in both years, married to a Helen.

I'll check again when I return home this evening and see if I can find her.

12-12-03, 03:24
Hi Christer (sorry about misspelling your name earlier!)

No luck with the census but I did find the following.

Social Security Death Index:
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 717-12-5750 RR 19 Jun 1884 Dec 1965 NY Write It
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 074-28-5369 NY 9 Jan 1886 Nov 1973 NY Syracuse, New York 13207 Write It
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 128-10-3196 NY 13 Sep 1886 Nov 1962 NY Write It
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 063-01-3986 NY 5 Jul 1889 Sep 1966 NY Jamaica, New York 11418 Write It
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 124-03-7518 NY 24 Apr 1893 12 Oct 1952
ANDERSON, REINHOLD 127-12-6783 NY 7 Apr 1898 Nov 1975 NY Long Island City, New York 11103

The other names are very common and difficult to confirm without more information. (There were 1320 Harold Andersons in the Social Security Death Index!)

If you get additional information, please let us know and I can check some more for you.

13-12-03, 09:36
Hi Kevin

None of your Reinhold fits because he died before 1930so i guess we will not find any notices about his death date.
I found Reinhold and Alina in 1920 census in Manhattan,
New York, Reinhold was spelled Renbold thats why you
couldnt find him. His age in 1920 was 37years so he must have been borne 1883 i think.I think we have to focus on his children
at first.IŽll give you a list of the childrens age later today