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June Pelo
24-05-09, 17:56
I have another request from Finland for help. I'll put his query here - he apologized for his English, but I think he did a fine job:

Matts Leonard Mattsson Finne (Leonard Finne) in USA was born in Larsmo Finland at 1893 and moved to Duluth in 1911,(17 years old) and he traveled with his friend Johan Wiss also from Larsmo. (19 years old).
In middle of the 1940 he visiting Finland with a little daughter named "JANET". She may be born at 1940-1943.
In the beginning of 1970 my grandfathers brother got a postcard from Leonard who still living in the area of Duluth. We believe that Leonard die around 1975.
We have looking for some relation to my father,and if we can find Leonards child/children. Our familyname today is Grankulla,and that may be the only in the world with this name. "Unique"!
If "janet" always live,we are glad to tell him that she have about 40 second cousines who remember him in Finland.

24-05-09, 18:18
When Leonard arrived to New York the 10 of april 1911 he was going to his brother in law Alexander Mattson. Alexander lived on 535 N 52 ave in Duluth

On the same trip there is also a Alma Kattilakoski, 19 years old from Kaustinen that are going to her uncle Alexander Mattson in Duluth

June Pelo
24-05-09, 22:50
Thanks, Kerstin. Now we have to figure out why the church in Jalasjärvi shows that Leonard died in California. He may have gone there after visiting in Duluth.

25-05-09, 00:01
June, are you sure it isn't just a "declared" death?

They did that with my grandmother, but revised it when I told them she was still alive.

June Pelo
25-05-09, 00:58
Yes, I'm sure it's a declared date - they don't know anything about him - just what they copied from the church book.

Karen Norwillo
25-05-09, 16:55
I looked at the CA Death Index and couldn't find a Matt or Leonard Finne or Mattson who died in 1975. I did find a WWI Draft Card for Matt Leonard Mattson born 9 Oct 1893. I also found a Matt Leonard Mattson on the MN Death Index. Died 15 Apr 1966 in St Louis county, MN. They have DOB as 9 Oct 1894, which could be an error. Also found a Mattson ML 3907 Grand Ave in the 1949 Duluth phone directory. Could this be him?

June Pelo
25-05-09, 17:15

I think that could be Matt Leonard Mattsson Finne. His family said he sometimes called himself Leonard Mattson. From what I can decipher - Matt/Leonard was in Duluth 1911. He visited Finland and had a daughter Janet with him who could have been born 1940-43. He went back to Duluth and was still there in 1911. They think he could have died ca 1975 - and I would guess he died in Duluth. I'll send that draft card to Leif in Finland and see what he thinks. I'll also ask him about that address on Grand Ave. in Duluth 1949. Leif would like to visit Leonard's grave and plans to fly here if it can be found. He was hoping Janet left some children, but he has no more information about her. Thanks.

June Pelo
26-05-09, 01:14

Leif said he is sure you have found Leonard. He is so excited he could hardly contain himself. He said if he knew the name of a friend or relative here, he would get on a plane or make a phone call! He wrote:

His name in Finland was Matts Leonard Mattsson Finne and he was born 9 october 1893 in Larsmo village the nearest town is Jakobstad. In the ship manifest they used name Leonard Finne. Then i spoke to the relative today who remember when Leonard visit Finland, she said it was in begin of 1950 and his daughter was about ten years old,she doesn`t remember the girls name but an other cousine remember it was Janet. And it was same age as me (the woman who said is born 1942).
An other relative remember they had to lend a horses when they had to go and meet the magnificent guests from America. He said it must be on 1952.

According to the draft card you send, it indicates he had a wife and child. Leif asked if there were any other children. He also said that:
try with Hanna and Alexander Mattson,(Hanna was Leonards sister) and it was to Hanna Leonard was coming when he moved to America in 1911.

Hope you can make sense of this. I'm getting excited myself.

Karen Norwillo
26-05-09, 16:14
I found Alex and Hanna in 1910 at 535 52nd Ave. They had 6 children, 5 boys, 1 girl. See attached census. I didn't find Matt yet in the census. Matt Mattson is so common and Leonard Mattson doesn't leap out at me yet. As I emailed you, I asked for a lookup on his death record. Maybe that will offer clues. If Janet was born 1940's, maybe Matt didn't marry until after the 1930 census. The death record should tell cemetery and who the informant at time of death was.

June Pelo
26-05-09, 17:24

According to that draft record for 1917, Matt was married and had a child. So if that was Janet, she was born before 1940s, the date Lief assumed she was born. Or maybe there was another child born before 1917 and Janet was born later. I'm pretty sure that death record for 1966 is Matt or Leonard as they call him in Finland. I'll send this census record to Leif, and I'll have to translate it for him. He didn't understand the draft record, either. But there certainly is excitment over there and the family sends you a thousand thanks. If the grave is found, they'll probably hop on a plane.

June Pelo
28-05-09, 01:15

Leif has consulted with all relatives in Finland about the family you found and they are convinced that is Leonard. The draft registration indicated there was one child - he said it was George who was born in 1915. So that leaves Raymond and Herbert. No one know why there's such a long period before Janet was born. He said it's possible Leonard's wife had died and he remarried. No one knows. He said as soon as something more turns up they are ready to buy a plane ticket! That seems to be one very eager family.