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04-09-03, 11:34
Would anyone have information on the parents of Kalle Mikonp. Hirvi b. 17 Sep 1826, not sure where he was born, Kannus Church says he is born in Lohtaja, and Lohtaja Church says he is born in Kannus. He married Anna Priita Matint. Hihnala, she was born 15 Dec 1817 in Himinka, Finland. They had 3 children: Matti b. 1850, Carl b. 1853 and Johan b. 1855. Matti is my great grandfather. Thank you.

Gita Wiklund
04-09-03, 21:40
Hi Ruth,

I made a search in Hiski (http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?eng) and In Kannus I found this:

Carl b. 17.9.1826 in Yliv: Vaetoja
father: Michel Andersson mother: Eva Johansd:r

(The names are the same but here in swedish though you write them in finnish)

Michel Andersson (from Vaetoja) and Eva Johansdotter (from Kyrölä) married 30.4.1826 in the village Yliv.


Carl Michelsson and Anna Brita Mattsdotter had the three children Matts b. 20.11.1850 , Carl b. 9.6.1853 and Johan Fredric b. 3.11.1855

Tell me if this is of any help to you.


June Pelo
04-09-03, 22:30

According to my records Karl Mickelsson was the son of Mickel Andersson Vaetoja married 30 Apr 1826 in Ylivieska, Kannus, to Eva Johansdotter Kyrölä. They had 8 children and Karl was the oldest. You can find them in HisKi in Kannus.


June Pelo
07-09-03, 20:07

I've received an e-mail from Waino Herlevi who's seeking information about a Tokoi who settled in Australia. He's helping Helen Tokoi Morgan with research. She's the daughter of Alfred Tokoi who had a brother Oskar and there was another brother with the Merchant Marine whose ship sank in the North Sea in the 1950s-60s. I had some data on Helen's grandmother Rosa Mickelsdotter Puumala but I don't have anything on her Tokoi relatives. I told Waino about you with some Tokoi names and he may contact you. He's a member of SFHS. I calculated that you and Waino are 8th cousins through Johan Gabrielsson Torp, plus other links. If you'd like to contact Waino, let me know.


June Pelo
08-09-03, 21:21

I had another letter from Waino Herlevi telling me that Oskar Tokoi was the first Finnish Ambassador to the US after the war. He said there is the Oskar Tokoi Museum in Kannus, and that Helen Tokoi Morgan is your cousin. She's the daughter of Oskar's brother Alfred Tokoi who died in Scofield, UT ca 1961. Helen is going to put together some data to send to me.

Interesting how we stumble across people and data without looking for it. Waino originally had asked for help with his own genealogy and while he was talking to Helen she asked if he could find data about her ancesstors - so he asked me and I found that Alfred's brother Otto was your grandfather...


13-09-03, 14:16
Dear all,

Many thanks to all who responded, I will check Hiski.

I would be happy to share the information I have on the Tokoi family with Waino Herlevi. Helen Morgan is my mother's first cousin and I visited her in 1986 on my way to Finland.

Yes, there is a Museum for Oskari Tokoi in Kannus, my parents visited it last time they were in Finland.

20-09-03, 05:17
Dear Ruth,
I have read with amazement the connections to your family search which appeared on SFHS Finlander. Just that process is a marvelous story. June Pelo often has fantastic leads, and she is so generous! Please keep me updated on your progress. I think it would make a brief and interesting journal article.
Syrene Forsman, president