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K-G Molander
26-05-09, 00:24
A needle in a haystack :)

Does anyone know if there is a Marie or Mary (Andersdotter ?) from Tast, in Nedervetil birth records?
She is born about 1875, moved to USA and died in Louisiana.

June Pelo
26-05-09, 17:58

I have a book of all Nedervetil births, but it ends at 1874. I have another book about Nedervetil families - was she from Tast? or where?

K-G Molander
27-05-09, 02:41

I have a book of all Nedervetil births, but it ends at 1874. I have another book about Nedervetil families - was she from Tast? or where?

Yes, I belive shee was from Tast. At the library in Lake Charles Source: Genealogical and Historical Library, 411 Pujo Street, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70601-4254. Phone 1-337-437-3490.

her marriage was on a little card; names given as:

Husband: Charles Molander
Wife: Mary Uraria Tash
Married: 26 Mar 1903

It was a handwitten card, copied from other sources, which I could not found. Why the name Uraria I do not know. Maybe copied wrong. Also Tash = Tast?

27-05-09, 07:01
In Talko, this is the closest one that doesn't have any husband listed. All of the others have husbands of different names from above:

From the Lassas database 010604

Maria Elisabet Andersdr Tast
Birth 14 FEB 1871 i Nedervetil på Måsabacka
Sex Female
Person ID I8437

Father Anders Andersson Tast, b. 29 APR 1825, Terjärv
Mother Elisabet Henriksdr Storbacka Kallis, b. 26 FEB 1837, i Karleby
Group Sheet F1480

June Pelo
27-05-09, 21:42
I have this woman in my database, Matilda Elisabet Johansdotter Tast, b. 11 Feb 1871 in Nedervetil, daughter of Johan Matts Leandersson Paasiala-Tast and Helena Johanna Jakobsdotter Tast. Matilda married Karl Sanfrid Karlsson Viitavesi-Nygren. Matilda died 1907 in Nedervetil.

The Nedervetil birth records list a Matillda Elisabet Anderdotter Måsabacka, b. 14 Feb 1871 to Anders Andersson Måsabacka and Lisa Henriksdotter. Don't know if either of them are the person K-G is looking for. But the first one didn't go to America.

K-G Molander
28-05-09, 02:01
June, Kivinen1, thank you.

I will do further research and check passenger lists to see if anything would match.

There is one more interesting thing to mention; In the "Tutorship" papers of the four girls the name of parents are Charles Molander and Mary Molander.

In the attached document of parents to Charles (Karl) Molander you will find that he had a sister (Child #5) by the name Maria Molander born 19 Aug 1882. She departed for America in 1899. Arrived at New York on 4 Nov 1899. (See notes for child 5)

However, first child born to Charles Molander is Iley Molander born 24 Jun 1899 so timing do not match. Very intersting though.

K-G Molander
28-05-09, 02:17
I did a mistake in naming the second attachment the same as the first. They are two different families!

Attached a photo of Charles (Karl) Molander born 26 July 1875 Tast, Nedervetil.

June Pelo
28-05-09, 17:44

I have this family in my database - Johannes Carlsson, 1851-1912, was the son of Carl Johansson Murick-Skriko and Anna Lisa Johansdotter Brännkärr. Johannes was married to Greta Sofia Andersdotter Kaino-Kaitfors, 1845-1916. According to my records both Johannes and Greta died in Nedervetil. Their daughter Maria was born 19 Aug 1882 in Jyväskylä and died in America.