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26-05-09, 14:52

I'm searching for information about Kalle Zachrisson (Sakarinpoika) Ruokoja b. 29 August 1867 in Kšlviš Finland, d. 21 June 1936 in Northern Minnesota, maybe in Bassett Township. He emigrated to the US in 1887 and "americanized" his name to Charles River.

He was married (in the US) to Ida Sofia Konu b. 1864. They had seven children: Kalle River b. 1896, Ida River 1898-1910, Lydia River b. 1899, Victor River b. 1902, Frank River b. 1904, Olga River b. 1906, and William River b. 1910.

In part three of the History of American Finns by Ilmonen S. (1929), "Charles River (Ruokoja)" is mentioned as a resident of Toimi MN.

Thank you!

June Pelo
26-05-09, 17:49
Kalle may have had a sister Anna Lisa, b. 1849 in KelviŚ. She was the daughter of Zacharias Andersson Ruokoja, 1822-1868, and Brita Haapala. Anna Lisa had a great grandson Saui Niemi, b. 1937. I don't have any other info. about the family.

Karen Norwillo
26-05-09, 19:11
Here's your family in 1920 and 1930. They were in Bassett, St Louis, MN. Toimi is very closeby in Lake county.
From the MN Death Index
Ida S Rivers died 22 Dec 1942 in St Louis cty.
Charles Rivers died 21 Jun 1936 St Louis
Charles John Rivers 26 Oct 1896-9 Nov 1965 Lake, mmn Konu
Victor Hjalmer Rivers 1 Jul 1902-28 Oct 1960 Lake, mmn Konu
Frank Ilmer Rivers 14 Nov 1903-20 Jun 1974 Lake, mmn Konu
William E Rivers 19 Mar 1910-24 Jan 1987 Lake, mmn Konu
Olga M Rivers 27 Jul 1906-18 Dec 1991 St Louis
Lydia H Maki 13 Nov 1899-17 Oct 1990 St Louis, mmn Konu.
Did Ida have a sister in MN? There are several people on the index, last name Palo with mmn Konu.

26-05-09, 19:51
Dear June,

Yes, Anna Liisa was his sister and my grandfather's grandmother. I'm trying to find more information for Kalle Ruokoja's descendants, who obviously know more than me, but maybe not so much of that what is written in church books and can be found in different archives/databases. I want to collect these pieces of information to put them on paper and send the story to Kalle's descendants.

This Saui (or Sauli?) Niemi, b. 1937 is unknown to me? I know one who is tens of years younger.