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29-05-09, 00:06
6.9.1863 Drg. Ungk. Jakob Eliasson Pig. Walborg Mina Mattsdotter Frändi - Married couple.-Lapua

1.1.1845 5.1.1845 Bd. Matts Mattsson Paavola Sanna Walb. Wilh:na
-this is her parents and her birthdate.-Lapua

This is where I seem to come to my problem. I am having difficulty discerning Sannas full name. I thought I was on the right track but now I'm not sure. Or maybe I'm wrong all together about Walborgs parents.:confused:

June Pelo
29-05-09, 02:09
Looks like her name is Sanna (or Susanna) Walborg Wilhelmina.

29-05-09, 02:41
thanks june. Sanna is the mothers name. Walborg Wilhelmina is the daughter.