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29-05-09, 02:52
6.6.1848 8.6.1848 Bd. Simon Johanss. Paavola Sanna Johansdr. Maria

16.4.1849 22.4.1849 Tp. Simon Johansson Koskela Sanna Joh:dr. Sanna Lisa

14.8.1851 17.8.1851 Haapakoski Torparen Simon Johansson Luomanhaara h:ru Sanna Johansd:r 30 Johan

22.8.1854 27.8.1854 Haapakoski Bs. Simon Johanss. Nyfrändi h:u Susanna Johansdotter 33 Matts (Tvillingebarn)

22.8.1854 27.8.1854 Kyrkoby Bs. Simon Johanss. Nyfrändi h:u Susanna Johansdotter 33 Anna (Tvillingebarn)

11.5.1859 15.5.1859 Haapakoski N:de Drg Simon Johanss. Nyfrändi h. Sanna Johansd:r 38 Matts Nikola

I know that there can be several variations in a name so I wasnt sure about this one. The wifes name does not change at all so that is why I thought it could be possible for it to be the same man(husband).

Jaska Sarell
29-05-09, 08:48
I think the second one does not belong to the same family, but has an error in father's name (switching first name and patronymic is rather common mistake). There are other children for Johan Simonsson Koskela and Sanna Johansdr at the time.

Marriage for your couple explains the first [quickly born!] child:
28.5.1848 Tp.s. Simon Joh.s. Nyfrändi Bd.enk. Susanna Joh.d:r Paavola
[she was a widow, no idea who was her previous husband] *)

You may add one child to the end (record is now in Finnish):
19.8.1861 25.8.1861 H.koski Tal.is. Simon Juhanp. Frändilä vaimo Sanna 39 Serafia

Without knowing Lapua this is only my interpretation, not a verified fact.

:) Jaska

P.S. *) Your other thread explains that Susanna's earlier husband was Matts Mattsson, d. 5.12.1845

29-05-09, 22:16
Thanks so much for some clarification. Sometimes it gets a little confusing and I need to just step away for a day or two, but even that is hard because I enjoy doing the research so much. One other question is how did you know she was a widow? I knew this was her second marriage and that her first husband died at a young age but how did you know? Is there something in her title when she was married the second time to indicate she was a widow?

Jaska Sarell
29-05-09, 22:33
She had title Bd.enk., where
Bd. = bonde = farmer
enk. = enka (modern Swedish: änka) = widow
Similarly: enkl. = enkling (änkling) = widower

However, not all abbreviations are so clear :(
A good source here is: http://www.saunalahti.fi/hirvela/indexuk.html

:) Jaska

29-05-09, 22:48
Thanks again. I am just not saavy to all the abbreviations. I know a few but like I said earlier, sometimes things can get a little confusing. It is so awesome to know that there are people like yourself that have so much knowledge and are willing to help a novice such as myself. Thanks again for your time and help.