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29-05-09, 04:18
I'm from Stillwater, Minnesota -- all relatives on my father's side (mostly all Swede Finns from Petalax, Portom, Narpes, Tojby, Korsnas, etc. settled in the area between McGregor, MN and Duluth, MN

Original Family surnames were:


I have a pretty good handle on all relatives that came to US between 1895 and 1908, but am looking to find some more details on those that stayed behind in Finland or might have then moved to Sweden. Thankfully, I even have much of this from conversations with some of my relatives still in Finland.

That's about it -- just trying to satisfy my endless curiosity.

June Pelo
29-05-09, 17:33
Welcome to Finlander! If you post some names, dates and places of people you're wondering about, perhaps some of our members will be able to help you.