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31-05-09, 02:16
Hello -

Investigating genealogy and am as far up the tree as my Great-Great-Grandmother....Maja Lovisa Frans of Pörtom (don't have birth/death dates)....her children include Johanna Lovisa Frans (Carlson) my great-grandmother who emigrated to Minnesota, USA in 1899, as well as a son Fred Frans (also emigrated to the US, I believe Seattle/Tacoma area), and 2 other children who remained in Finland -- Ida Frans (Holmgren) and Johanna Frans (Ahlbäck).....looking for birth/death date, as well as the name of her husband, my Great-Great-Grandfather.

Also, interested in finding information regarding the Father of my Great-Great Grandfather -- Karl Henrik Pihl of Petalax (I've attached an interesting arcticle that documents what led up to his departure from Finland to the US in 1899)....Karl Henrik was born May 15th, 1844 to Beata Pihl (birth/death dates unkwown)....married Maja Sofia Johansdotter (born April 3rd?, 1841) whose parents were Johan Osterback and Maria Osterback....this was her second marriage, having been widowed previously....they emigrated to the US with my Great Grandfather's brothers Victor (Pihl) Carlson, Israel (Pihl) Carlson, and sister Sofia (Pihl) Carlson and Johanna Lovisa Frans who eventually married my Great Grandfather Gabriel (Pihl) Carlson here in Minnesota.

31-05-09, 04:51
As you gave limited information, I have no idea about the birth date of Fred, but could this be him?

last residence zipcode: 98405
birth date: 03/17/1889
death location: TACOMA, WA
social security number:
death date: 05/00/1975

Karen Norwillo
31-05-09, 15:20
I found a Johanna and Gabriel Carlson in Spaulding township, Aitkin, MN. Is that the correct family? They had a huge family. Since you don't say how much you know about them, I hesitate to give you info you may already know. I am attaching the 1920 and 1930 census.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-09, 19:14
I believe this might be your Fred Frans in WA. I found them in the census and Naturalization records for WA, Fred (Alfred) Martenson Frans 17 Mar 1889 from Petelaks, Finland and Selma Sofi Frans 9 Nov 1888 Terjärvi, Finland, found in the Seattle Naturalizations. Fred Frans died 2 May 1975 in Tacoma, Pierce, WA. This is the same as Ilmari's info. I have to go back and get the previous page of the 1930 census. Fred must be on that one.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-09, 20:26
Here's more info. Fred was on that page, I just didn't see him. He's on line 85-87. Algona, King, WA
Fred Frans 40 US 1907, Road work, construction
Selma Frans 40
Melvin Frans 9

I also found both Fred and Selma's actual Naturalization certificate which has a wealth of info. Selma was born Selma Bjork. Married Fred 18 Jan 1919 in Butte, MT.
Fred's WWI Draft card is from Silver Bow, MT
Melvin Frans was born 7 Jul 1920 in WA. I do not find a death for him, so he may be living still. Last address for him from 1995.

Karen Norwillo
31-05-09, 20:32
If you want the address from 1995, I will PM you for privacy.

01-06-09, 03:53
Yes, that is my great grandfather and great grandmother -- they died in 1952 and 1963 respectively I believe before I was born (I have their death certificates) and much information, pictures, keepsakes, and the family farm is still in our possession......they are buried with many of their children (though my Grandmother and Grandfather and a couple of Great Aunts and Uncles are buried elsewhere).....My other great grandparents (Mattson -- formerly Hofman and Anderson before coming over from Finland) in the local cemetery.....I was fortunate to know both of my Great-grandparents on the Mattson side as they lived quite long......Thanks for all your help!!