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31-05-09, 02:36
My great-grandmother lived in or around Töjby, Finland -- born January 28, 1888, died on December 30, 1972 in McGregor, MN, USA -- emigrated to the US somewhere around 1905, where she met and married my great-grandfather Karl Oskar Hofman (name changed to Charles Oscar Mattson upon arrival in US) who was born May 12, 1884 and died October 31, 1977-- Son of Matts Hofman (Mattson), and brother of Katerina? both formerly of Korsnäs, Finland.....he also had a sister Henrika who was born approximately 20 years prior to him (1864?) who had a grandson Sven-Erik Asplund of Söråker, Sweden.....may still be living there?

Her brother, Johan Anderson also emigrated approximately the same time -- married Selma Anderson (not sure of maiden name) here in US.

Looking for any information related to her parents names or other siblings (if any) that may have remained in Finland.

June Pelo
31-05-09, 15:57
HisKi records for Korsnäs don't include anything after 1855, but I noted there were lots of Hofman names in prior years. You'll need to find someone who has access to Korsnäs church records - or who may have lots of Korsnäs data in their files - maybe Henrik Mangs?

01-06-09, 04:19
I am planning to go to Finland next year, so can probably search then....and in the meantime I will ask of my distant cousin who lives in Molpe to see if she has information or can confirm something further.

I will also see what I can find from Henrik Mangs

06-08-09, 23:16
In the 1900 Swedish cencus there is a Karl Hofman from Korsnäs in Finland living in Skön med Skönsmon Västernorland county. He is born 1855 in Korsnäs and he is married to Anna greta Lundström born 1855 in Korsnäs. Their children are Karl born 1883 in Korsnäs, Emil born 1885 in Sundsvall, Hilda born 1887 in Korsnäs, Oscar born 1889 in Sköns, Anna born 1892 in Sköns and Selma Evelina born 1900 in Sköns


08-08-09, 06:03
Based on year of birth, location and name of father and siblings, and the fact that Karl and Anna didn't meet and marry until both had emigrated to the US, I would say this isn't the same Karl Hofman