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Kay Voth
31-05-09, 20:33
Looking for family members of Verna Wedenberg (husband Gunnar). Her children were Gertrude Backland, Maj Holmquist, Olla Strana,Clara Ecckholm,and Beng Wedenberg.. My mother used to write to Verna ..

17-04-11, 08:59
My grand mother is Verna Wedenberg! She remarried when she was around 63 years with Tor Jungell from Jakobstad. My father is Bengt Wedenberg. He died the 24/1 1987 i Gothenburg, Sweden. We are 5 children after him: Kaj, Minna,Bengt,Mark and Marina.

Best regards

Marina Wedenberg, Norway

Kay Voth
17-04-11, 18:09
Hello Marina: I am looking all over my papers for the communication I had from Christian Dahlin, who found Henrik Holmqvist for me. I thought Henrik's Grandmother was also Verna but you didn't list him as a sibling.. I have emailed to him once, as he said he was happy to hear from me, but after that nothing from him. I think I did wrong by letting some of the other cousins know about him who live in Helsinki area,and one did get in touch with him and wanted to meet but he said he was not interested. That was my mistake for letting them know his email and I'm very sorry for that.. So, since then I have not heard back from him either. Your direct relative, Ruth (Anderson) Shutter is still alive at age 98 and lives here in Coos Bay, Oregon where I do also. I was always going to try and take all these papers I have to her on how Christian found Henrik, but now I can't find the papers, as I should get up to see her and tell her you responded and where you live.. She is in great health still and remembers everything.. My email is vkvoth*frontier.com or if you cannot get through on that, try freetoyak400*yahoo.com sometimes the Frontier blocks things. I would love to hear more about you. You are related through my Mother's (Ruth Backlund Holman), mother Sophia Grann. My Mother's father, Victor (Simonson-Stor) Backlund , some of those relatives live in Norway. Peter Stor and family. Most still live in Kronoby. I visited there in April of 2006 with another cousin.. we so enjoyed our trip and met a ton of relatives. all second and third cousins ....Amazing... I am 70 years old by the way. I am also on facebook under Kay Holman Voth if you are on facebook too, send a friend request. I will try to find you there also.. I hope to hear from you someway or somehow. Kay Voth