View Full Version : Gunnar and Verna Wedenberg family

Kay Voth
31-05-09, 20:40
I just tried to post,and edit and do not know if that showed up, so trying again. I am looking for a cousin my mom used to write to, Verna Wedenberg, married to Gunnar and then to Thor Jungell.I do have C. Dahlin helping me on this too, but maybe some of her family members are reading this.
Her children were: Gertrude Backlund, Maj Holmquist, Olla Strana , Clara Ecckholm and Beng Wedenberg. I notice in my papers, it is a V, and not W.but in mother's address book it is spelled with a W... Hopefully some of her family is into genealogy. I am here in Oregon, USA
Kay Voth