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09-06-09, 05:57
I have recently been reading a book on Finnish history. I was wondering if the Catholic church kept records from the 1500's and earlier that are accessable? I have been able to research some of my ancestry that far and have come to a dead end.

I am trying to find the parents of Walborg Mattsdr. Hongola, she may have been born May 20 1794 in Kuortane. Married to Johan Joranss. Kontelli Oct 18 1812 in Kuortane.

I am also looking for the parents of Susanna Hendricsdr. Heroja, possilby born 1780-1790 in Kuortane. Married Jacob Jacobss.Perala Witala on Oct 4 1812 and I believe she died July 26 1853 in Kuortane.

One more person is John Wiiki who was born Sept 10 1875 according to his headstone. According to his Ellis Island passport information Stange(?) Finland is where he came from. His WW1 U.S. draft card states his birthdate as Oct 10 1876. This is one line of ancestry that I have made no progress on.

Thanks for helping. It is always greatly appreciated.

Ritva Winter
09-06-09, 09:22
I can give you some answers, unfortunately not all.

The process of converting was a process, that took place between 1527 until the meeting of Uppsala in 1593, when the Catholic church was finally abolished and Protestantism officially declared. Church records were not kept before the 1630-ies. There are tax-rolls etc found in archives concerning the time before that.

Walborg Matsd(otter) Hongala, born May 20 1794:
Parents: Simon Matsson and Agneta Thomasdotter (so Walborg should actually been called Simonsdotter!). She was christened on May 25.

I have failed to find anything about the rest, so good luck in your further research!

11-06-09, 22:30
Thanks Ritva, I will go to my local LDS family history center to look for tax rolls. Your help is greatly appreciated.