View Full Version : Coming to lots of dead ends. Help please.

11-06-09, 22:44
I found on this surname website http://koti.welho.com/lkivinie/2w/surname.htm that Thomas Walborgss. Pekonniemi was married to Maria Suutala.

Upon looking up other children that they had together I found her patronymic to be Mattsdr. but have been unable to find a marriage between them or death date for her. She was born May 8 1821 according to the above referenced website but I have been unable to find it in Hiski and there are no records in FFHA for the time frame I am looking.

Upon further research I found in Hiski that Thomas Walbss. Pekonnjemi was married to a Maria Andersdr. Huutomjemi on Nov 24 1840 but they have no children together.

Is there any possibility of these 2 women being the same person? It seems kindof a far reach but I dont know. All these events took place in Lehtimaki.