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17-06-09, 23:06

I'm now trying to find descendants of my Great great grandfather.

I'm looking for children of my Great grandfather's sister, Leena Ilmarinen Aho.

Leena ILMARINEN, b. 25 Apr 1861; Jurva, Finland; married on 12 Aug 1883; Jurva to:
Johan Johansson AHO b. 1848

Their children would be first cousins to my Grandfather and include:

Anna Lisa AHO, b. 29 Apr 1885 [married to Viktor SEPPÄLÄ]
Alma Sofia AHO, b. 25 Aug 1887
Johan Richard AHO, b. 09 Apr 1890
Edla Maria AHO, b. 17 Feb 1892
Aleksander AHO, b. 26 Sep 1898; died Jul 1973 Saginaw Michigan. [?]

This particular search is specifically regarding Aleksander AHO, but if there is additional information on any other the above names, including the parents Leena & Johan, I would appreciate it very much.

This is the only information that I have.:(

Thanks in advance!:)

Karen Norwillo
19-06-09, 15:04
From SSDI Alexander Aho 26 Sep 1898 died July 1973 in Saginaw, MI civil:Illinois
I also found the marriage record in Jurva for the 1883 marriage of Leena and Johan. Top of left page. Also a border crossing for an Alexander Aho. Don't know if it's him. The Migration Register has lots of Alexander Aho.
The only Alex Aho I found in the 1930 census was in Ironwood, Gogebic, MI. Alex is 32, married at 19, Finland, all US 1921. Wife Senia 35, married at 21, Finland and Vienna 11, Finland.

Karen Norwillo
19-06-09, 21:32
Could this be your Anna Lisa and Viktor Seppälä? I found them in 1920 and 1930. 1920 has an error in the one child's name. They have Ollie in 1920 and Alice in 1930. It looks like both families, Alex Aho and Seppala spent time in IL.
Also, did you notice Juho Juhanpoika was Myllyniemi at time of marriage, not Aho. May have moved to Aho farm and took that name when children were born there.

19-06-09, 21:41
Nice work Karen.

I could assume the name was something like Alle. Perhaps whoever wrote it down just heard it as Ollie. Alice would be a good "Americanized" version of Alle.

Karen Norwillo
20-06-09, 01:54
I found Victor's WWII Registration. It looks like Anna must have died by then. His daughter Martha is his contact. Married name Miller in DeKalb, IL.
Victor Seppala 25 Feb 1888 died Jan 1978 in IL. He was living in Waukegan, Lake, IL in the 40's.

Karen Norwillo
20-06-09, 15:35
Found Alexander Aho in the MI Death Index. He died 5 July 1973. Find no other traces of him. I asked someone in RAOGK in Saginaw to see if there's an obit in 1973 for him. If there is, maybe that will give more info about him. Let you know what, if anything, is found. Karen

20-06-09, 17:46
Thanks Karen, that will be great... sure would be interesting to see if there are any survivors.

Karen Norwillo
30-06-09, 23:19
Heard back from RAOGK, she hasn't been able to locate an obit, but she's going to look for the death certificate and see what that tells us. I'll let you know what she finds. It may take a few weeks.

01-07-09, 00:55
Thank you Karen!

If any money is involved, just let me know.;)