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21-06-09, 04:57
I have an Anna Pehrsdr. born 28.7.1807 married to Henric Mattsson Pakonen, b. 2.4.1803. I am posting a rippikirjat from Muhos of the family but I cannot read what it says next to Anna's name. I believe I have found her on Hiski born in Karlö, but is that what it says next to her name on these images. It appears to be Carlö. Also, next to husband Henric's name is where he is from but I also cannot decifer it.
Would someone be so kind as to look at these for me?
Thank-you so much in advance. :)

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Hailuoto - Karlö - christened

* Years 28.7.1807 - 28.7.1807

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
*28.7.1807 30.7.1807 Bäckeby Afl. Pehr Annunen Saara 30 Anna

21-06-09, 14:15
The name appears to be Annunen from Karlö on Anna Pehrsdr. I guess my eyes were very tired last night. Is the name next to Henric Matts. Pakonen- Tornava? from Liminka? Thank-you.


21-06-09, 14:39
Tornava? from Liminka?

Törnava = Törnävä
Limingo = Liminka

Törnävä village in Liminka

21-06-09, 14:47
Thank-you Bo! :D Now I have found Anna Annunen and Henric Matts. Pakonen's son, Henric born 28.11.1833 in Liminka. Would someone be able to decifer this one? :o