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Michele Brown
22-06-09, 19:42
I am looking for some help. I am curently researching my mumma's father's family. His name was Toivo Edvard Vainio and he was born in Vahakyro Finland in October 18 1905 and died Novemeber 10 1971. From what I have been told his mothers name was Sanna and she was born on 1880. If anyone has some information that might help me in my search i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks


Karen Norwillo
23-06-09, 14:50
Do you know where he died and his patronymic? Did he emigrate? Any bit of info might help.

Michele Brown
23-06-09, 15:02
He was born october 18 1905 in Vahakyro and died November 10 1971 in vahakyro. He married Martta susanna Vahasalo. They had 3 children. Taimi sylvia (my mumma), Veikko Toivo and Eino Kauko who died when he was 6.
From what I know his mother was Sanna Elviira Vainio born june 21 1880 in Vahakyro and died april 26 1950 in vahakyro. I have been told she was either a single mother or a young window. also she may have been a school teacher. Toivo did not emmigrate anywhere.
This is about all the information I have. I do know that Toivo's mother had some brothers and sister....how many I do not know.
Any help woudl be apprecaited. Thanks


23-06-09, 21:31
Perhaps if you offered up some surnames? re: "Toivo's mother had some brothers and sister".

Michele Brown
23-06-09, 21:53
I do not know any of Toivo's mothers siblings names or surnames. In the newspaper death announcement that I have for Toivo's mother Sanna it only says "brother and sisters" . I do have 3 other newspaper death announcements for people that have the maiden name Vainio but I am not sure how they are related.

Hilma Elina (Vainio) Leppanen
May 27 1896 Vahakyro
Oct 28 1959 Vahakyro

Saima Irene (Vainio) Murtonieme
Oct 17 1913 Vimpelissa
Jan 1 1973 Lappajarven

Sylvi (vainio) Koskinen
died 1922 Vimpelissa

Like I said I am not sure how these people are related to my great Grandfather Toivo Edvard Vainio.

23-06-09, 22:03
Maybe we can try to work this backwards.

What are the names of people in these lines that actually emigrated to North America? Where did they end up? When did they come?

Then, perhaps we'll be able to make better sense of those that were "left behind".

Many immigration papers list names "back home".

[I am, of course, assuming that you are in North America, or that your Finnish ancestor ended up in North America, if so, where?]

Michele Brown
23-06-09, 22:14
I was born in Canada. My mother was born in Alavus Finland. She immigrated to Canada in 1951-52 with her mother Taimi Sylvia (Vainio) Mattila and 2 sisters Leena and Aila. My mumma left behind her parents Toivo Edvard Vainio and Martta Susanna (Vahasalo) Vainio. I am interested in finding information about Toivo's parents and his accedants. He did not emmigrate anywhere. He was born and died in Vahakyro Finland.
My information about Toivo and his side of the family is very limited.

I am not sure if this helps any????

June Pelo
24-06-09, 22:37
I searched Vähäkyrö in Hiski but they only have birth records up to 1852 and marriages up to 1860, so I couldn't check Toivo's birth for 1905. I checked to see if the Vainio/Väiniö name appeared in prior years, but it didn't. You may have to contact the parish office for more information. The address I found is below. I note they have an e-mail address: srk*vahakyrosrk.fi You could write them to see if they can find Toivo's parents. The information is in Finnish, but if you write snail mail you could address it:

Vähänkyrön seurakunta
Heikkiläntie 6
66500 Vähäkyrö

Vähänkyrön seurakunta:

Kotisivu www.vahakyrosrk.fi
Internet sähköposti srk-AT-vahakyrosrk.fi
Puhelin (06) 4778 800
Faksi (06) 4778 801
Aukioloaika ma-ti, to-pe 9-13, ke 13-18
Käyntiosoite Heikkiläntie 6 , 66500 VÄHÄKYRÖ

24-06-09, 22:59
Of course, it is important to know that there are at the very least 3 different places in Finland called Vähäkyrö.

One is a farm in Lumijoki, up near Oulu.

One is a farm in Mäntsälä, near Ohkola in Uusimaa.

And the municipality of Vähäkyrö in Österbotten.

So it might not hurt to do a search for the parishes in the other areas as well.

In fact, there are many many Vainio [proper spelling] names on the Finland Farm Map: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kartanhaku/paikannimihaku.html?query=hae&hakutapa=paikannimihaku&nimi=vainio&kunta=&cx=2563555&cy=6719205&scale=80000&tool=siirra&styles=normal&lang=en-GB&mode=orto

As you can see, they are all over Finland.

24-06-09, 23:17

You can enter Vainio in the search and Vähäkyrö in the municipality.

Just be sure to copy and paste the Vähäkyrö from here, the site won't allow you to spell it incorrectly.

If it comes up in Finnish, there is an option on the bottom of the page for English or Swedish as well.

24-06-09, 23:34
Also, the other correct spelling for his wife's maiden name is: Vähäsalo

24-06-09, 23:59
I'm not sure if this will lead to anything, but here are the results for Nurmo, Finland. Vähäkyrö is a village nearby.

Nurmo - christened

Father's last name: VÄHÄSALO => Vähäsalo, Wähäsalo l.Wilponen, Vähäsalos

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
25.8.1854 27.8.1854 Nurmo by (Loukko) tp. Matts Henricss. Vähäsalo Sanna 24 Kaisa

12.5.1881 15.5.1881 (_f.219) Inh.s:n Matts Mattss. Wähäsalo l.Wilponen H:ru Sanna Ulla Jakobsd:r 22 Johan Jakob

11.7.1883 15.7.1883 (_f.219) Inh. Matts Mattss. Wähäsalo H:ru Sanna Ulla Jakobsd:r (?) Sanna Stina

19.9.1885 20.9.1885 (_f.219) Torp.s:n Matts Mattss. Vähäsalo h:u Sanna 27 Matts

Michele Brown
25-06-09, 14:51
Thanks for your help everyone. I will have to try the tips you gave me.

28-10-09, 19:11
Hi Michele!

I found your lookup months too late but hopefully I am still able to reach you by this forum.

I will send you a private message: I know much history you were looking for. And the best part is that we two are related!

Marko from Finland

Michele Brown
28-10-09, 21:59

Wow what are the odds the day I check the forum in over a month is the day you post something. My email address is mich*tbaytel.net. I look forward to hearing from you and am very excited to share information. Take Care :)

Michele Brown