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27-06-09, 00:32
Could someone help me with the notes in the last column after the names Emmanuel Emmanuelsson and Maria Elina? Maria was my great grandmother, and the family moved to Tampere at some time. Does this give any hint as to when?



Ritva Winter
27-06-09, 09:27
Could only read some of it, but I think it's a help anyway.

Emmanuel E became a .... at Mänttä såg/Mäntta Sawmill
Maria Elina attended Mäntta Folkskola/Elementary School 1873-1874

Could not find Mänttä parish in Hiski, but there is a church, I found some wonderful postcards at

Ritva W

Karen Norwillo
27-06-09, 18:17
Mänttä was once part of Keuruu parish. It existed as both a village and a farm name . Keuruu was once part of Ruovesi parish. Hiski has records for a Mänttä village and farm in Keuruu, Kuorevesi, Tammela, Tyrväntö and Jämsä.
Keuruu has some births to 1873 in Mänttä, also some marriages. I just typed in Mänttä under place. It is not a parish now.

28-06-09, 15:48
Thanks a lot. It's hard to track down these small place names. It seems like the family moved around a lot. I almost need a separate database to record all their farm names!

28-06-09, 20:41
The first word is vistas and hvistas, both meaning "staying".

Ritva Winter
28-06-09, 21:03
So, this means that they were still registered in the Virrat parish, but were living 'temporarily' at Mänttä. This is not uncommon, many Finns stayed in Russia (some children even born there), but were still registered in their previous parish.

Conseqently, they will not be found in the 'Mänttä-parishes' records. Sooner or later the date they move on will appear in the Virrat-records.

28-06-09, 21:29
In 1876 Emanuel and his family move to page 718, where he becomes the son-in-law at Uskali farm. This I don´t understand, because his wife was Susanna Isaksdotter, but the Uskali farmer was Johan Eriksson, not Isak.
I may have missed something here, but that´s how he is being called. On page 691 he was landbonde, leasing the land, now he becomes a farmer together with another young farmer, Alexander Johansson. Alexander moves to the farm in 1877, Emanuel a year earlier.
The old farmer Johan Eriksson and his son Johan Henrik, with family, all move to Alavus in 1874.

29-06-09, 07:22
The story goes on.
In 1877 Emanuel and family move to page 623, Pirttiniemi, where Emanuel is a farm hand. NB p 827, new book page 827 has not yet been scanned. Thus, I can not tell you when they moved to Tampere.

29-06-09, 14:54
That's really interesting. Emanuel's father was born on the Pirtiniemi farm, although I don't recognize any of the other names on the farm. The family had been on that farm for at least three generations.