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14-12-03, 02:54

Hi all,
I thought of this sfhs group when I saw a group of Swede-Finns from Nykarleby, Munsala and Wora:)
To get to the mainpage of this fine website, just click "index" :)
Chuck Mäki in Rock Island

btw: do not sign up for announcements emails - that spot has been hacked and you just get an unwelcome reply. I've forwarded a copy of that email to the webmaster.

14-12-03, 04:42
Dear Chuck,
This is a really interesting website. I didn't find my maternal ggfather from Solv, Karl Karlsson Thors, but there sure were a lot of Finns on the boats.
Syrene Forsman

14-12-03, 05:01
Hi Syrene,
I am glad somebody has looked at it. The url given is for only one page of a single ship so many more to check. There might have been other swede-finn ppl there.
Just remember not to signup for announcements unless you want a nasty surprise.

Karen Norwillo
15-12-03, 21:48
Thank you, Chuck. I searched for my grandfather and his brother without success, but sure saw alot of names familiar to this Yooper. Karen

16-12-03, 07:56
I just received an email from the webmaster at the great lakes ships site and he's told me that the hacked link has been disabled so that is good news.