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K-G Molander
03-07-09, 05:10
Husband: Gustav Johansson Tuomisalo b. 11 Apr 1761
Wife: Anna Henricsdotter Måttis b. 1 Jul 1769
Married: 8 Apr 1789

Enligt HISKI the second child is: Maria Elisabet
Born / Christened 15.12.1792 15.12.1792 Village / Farm Såka Father Gust. Joh: Tuomisalo Mother Anna Henricsdr. Child Maria Elisab:.

But, I find her name as Brita Maria in TALKO. Is HISKI wrong?

June Pelo
03-07-09, 16:57

In the Caino-Torp book she is listed as Brita Maria, b. 1792. I don't know how you can determine which is correct. She had an older sister Elisabet, b. 1791.