View Full Version : Old rippikirjat record...am I reading it right?

03-07-09, 15:14
Am I reading the 3rd and 4th person down on the list correctly? This is at the Stor ömans farm, Emsalö, Porvoo, Finland


Måg. (Erics?) Mattsson
hu. Stina Mattsdotter

The time, place, and everything else works, but is the man's first name Eric/Erik/Eriks/Ehrs, or something else?

Also, what do the 32 and 22 next to his and her's name respectively mean? I have never been able to figure that out...those "random" numbers are listed under most people. Are they ages? Ranking in knowledge of the church? Something else? What does the column header "Plenius. Aliq. m." mean?

Anyway, as always, thanks for the help!


03-07-09, 20:04
Here is a link to show the Latin abbreviations:

I wonder if it is really a "score" or if that line is used for something else in this particular book.

Plenius = Perfect
Aliq. m. = In order

Ritva Winter
03-07-09, 20:49
I think the first name is Erich (or Ericus), compare same name mentioned later on a couple of times.
Erik seems to have been married to the farmers daughter (måg=son in law) but by this time taking over the farm (bonde).

04-07-09, 16:39
Thanks to both of you! Kivinen, that is a really cool document! It was fun reading about the history of a family's search for its own Finnish genealogical roots. I learned a good bit of information...whoever wrote that is very knowledgeable! That excerpt should be read by everyone starting with Finnish genealogy.

And I think you may be right, Kivinen. On top of the "In Perfect Order" is "The 10 Commandments", abbreviated in Latin. The 10 Commandments in perfect order? Maybe it truely is a score based on knowledge of the 10 commandments. Interesting...it seems my ancestors got "F"s in Religion 101 lol.

Ritva, it all makes perfect sense. Thanks very much for the help translating, as always! As with many letters, the farther back you go, the stranger the leading letters of words get. "H"s get wierd around the 1770s, and the "E"s seem to get wierd around then, too.

Thanks everyone!