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04-07-09, 10:35
I am helping a good friend to search for information about Högnabba familymembers. We have all information from Finland but would like to know what happened to them in USA and perhaps there are still living relatives.
Anna Josefina Gustavsdotter Högnabba b. 1878 married Andrew Nylund 26.10 1900 in Denver Colorado
Maria Gustavsdotter Högnabba b. 1880 probably married Backlund
Viktor Gustavsson Högnabba b. 1883 came to USA 1906
Emilia Gustavsdotter Högnabba b. 1885 married Hillstrom
Hulda Gustavsdotter Höhnabba b. 1888 married to Erik Smith
They all came at first to Silverton Colorado. We have some information about Anna Josefina, Emilia and Hulda but none about Viktor and Maria.

Thank you and summer wishes from Jakobstad / Finland

Karen Norwillo
04-07-09, 17:44
Found the 1906 arrival of Viktor and Hulda, together. She was going to sister Fiina Nylund in Silverton, CO and he was going to brother-in-law Matts Backlund in Turner, SD. In 1905, Emilia was going to sister Maria Backlund in Deadwood, SD.

Karen Norwillo
04-07-09, 21:42
Here's more info on the family. Emilia Hillstrom 29 Jul 1885-Nov 1977 Coeur D'Alene, Kootenai, ID civil:OR
Alfred Hillstrom 28 Aug 1876-12 Sep 1934 Gem, Shoshone, ID.
Attached are census and ship's manifest for several.
I have to send in 2 postings.

Karen Norwillo
04-07-09, 21:47
More info. I found a manifest for an Alexander Hognäbba arriving 1926 through Canada. I don't know if it's same family. Also found Alfred Hillstrom's WWI Draft Reg. On the 1930 Census, if it's the correct Hulda Smith, her husband went by Alex, not Erik. These images may help track children.

04-07-09, 23:53
Thank you so much Karen!

Karen Norwillo
05-07-09, 19:05
I found more info on Hulda and Erik/Alex Smith. In 1910 Erik Smith was a single boarder in Silverton, CO, by 1920, he and Hulda had 4 sons. His WWI Draft Reg. is under Erik Smith, born 8 Oct 1881 in Finland. Maybe the census taker heard Alex and it was really Erik?? Although they don't really sound alike.
I also found the Hognäbba farm in Kortjärvi, Teerijärvi. Gustaf was born 1848 and his wife Anna in 1852. In 1880, they had two children, no names, one of each. They must have been under 14-16 as they are counted only by sex. 1880 is as far as Teerijärvi Henkikirjat goes on Digital Archivet.
I went back and cropped the manifest image for Viktor and Hulda's arrival so you can see it clearly.

Karen Norwillo
05-07-09, 22:43
Here's the Erik Smith family in 1930 in Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, WA.

06-07-09, 06:53
name: Erik Smith
date of death: 24 Oct 1930
age: 49
gender: Male
batch id: 276526
batch locality: Washington, United States
death place: Hoquiam, Grays Harbor, Washington
spouse name: Hulda Smith

Karen Norwillo
06-07-09, 21:19
I found Maria and Matt Becklund in SD in 1920. I also found the birth of one of their children. SD Births 1856-1903, Walter Becklund 27 Jan 1903 in Lawrence county, SD. Father Matt Becklund, mother Mary Gustafson. State file #523575. Also from SD Death Index 1905-1955 Matt Becklund 29 Dec 1923 in Lawrence county. Deadwood is in Lawrence county.
I tried looking at the Death Certificates of Finns in Grays Harbor, but the records for 1930 won't show. All the other years do. I was looking for Erik Smith's.

06-07-09, 21:34
Yes, I had the same problem for the 1930 date range.

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Merle Reinikka? He is the one that put them together.

June Pelo
06-07-09, 22:10
Merle Reinikka is a member of SFHS. Don't know of an e-mail address, but the SFHS membership directory lists the name in Portland, OR.

07-07-09, 09:12
Thank you all !
Some old information but also new information!!