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06-07-09, 06:33
The following moving record, when I tried the google translate tool, was difficult to understand for me. Was there a weapons crime involved here?

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Denise :)

Karunki - moved (out)

* Last name: BOSTRÖM => Boström

From To
Departure Arrival Village Farm Person Place
*26.1.1856 Backst: k: Pehr Johss: Kuurunen Neder Torneå
original - LISÄ: Kommo han 1843, hon 1842. Han pliktfälld vid 1851 års Winter Ting för förderf: vande af hus och lifsfarligt vapens resande. Wid Höste Ting: i Öfver Torneå 22/11 1853 tilltald för förfalskn: brott, målet återförvist. Hon pliktfälld 1849 vid Wint: Ting för
original - IKÄ: 3/11 1815 Öf: Torn:
original - MUUTTONRO: 6
person: hu: Elsa Caisa Carlsd:r Boström (el: Erckinjuntti) (1816 Neder Torneå)
person: dr. Johanna Josefina (17/9 1853)

Ritva Winter
06-07-09, 10:26
I can understand google-translation didn't help much. I'll give it a try:

Jan 26, 1856 Backstugusittare/cottar Per J K, Nedertorneå
Arrived, he 1843, she 1842. He fined at the district-court's wintersession for destroying building/s and (and threatening/using perilious?) weapons. At the autumnsession of the district-court of Övertorneå Nov 22, 1853 accused of forgery, the case returned (for further investigation?). She fined 1849 at the wintersession for.....
Ikä/age Nov 3, 1815 Övertorneå
Muuttonro/No in register of moving persons
Person: Wife Elsa Caisa C B (or Erkinjuntti)
Person: Daughter Johanna Josefina (Sept 17, 1853)

Swedish languate not perfect, therefore nor the English

06-07-09, 16:09
Hi Ritva,
Your translation was much easier to understand. I appreciate your effort and time. I knew my father's family had some troublemakers! ;)


06-07-09, 16:54
The google translate tool isn't worth much. We have much fun with it at my office. But so far it isn't more than a joke. On the other hand one shouldn't complain about something that is free, which in turn means it isn't worth anything.:D


06-07-09, 17:12
Hi Sune,
Some of the words just don't translate very well, do they? Some translations are quite funny! :D For those in the US with no foreign language skills, it's quite handy even though one finds the translation is even more confusing than trying to read the original text in Finnish or Swedish. I've had more than one good laugh when using google translate.

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Denise :)

08-07-09, 12:19
Just for fun: use google to translate a sentense from Swedish to English. The translate back to Swedish and once more to English. The result will probably not be English, but Gibberish:)