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06-07-09, 07:21
Can anyone tell me if this is a book, or is it someone's (Erik Walbers) research files. It has many of my ancestors names on my father's "Fräki" family in it, and would love to get a copy if possible or be able to contact this Erik Walbers. 2Fupload%2FDokument%2FBibliotek%2FNordkalottbiblio teket%2FSukukirja_f%C3%B6rteckning.pdf+erik+wahlbe rs+sukukirjaa&hl=en&gl=us

Denise :)

06-07-09, 08:51

Seems to be a collection of folders, each folder consisting of several genealogy reports&material. The large amount of pages indicates that there is little chance of that this material i available as translated information.

I would suggest that you'd post a question to the "Exchange with GSF" -subforum including as much information as possible about the family you are researching and give a reference to your interest in the Wahlberg collection. Maybe we can reach more persons with information about genealogies in the area.

You could also post a query at the Anbytarforum in Sweden at this url (http://aforum.genealogi.se/discus/). There seems to be many genealogists on Anbytarforum that refers to the Wahlberg material.


06-07-09, 16:14
Hi Hasse,
Thank-you for the suggestions on where to post my query. I'm just finding new information from different resources and not quite sure where to look for help.
I appreciate your guidance.

Thank-you again,
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